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Yaddayadda, I'm doing science and I'm still alive. You're welcome for the earworm.

In celebration of my favorite holiday season, I'm keeping up the tradition of ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties, and icons that go bump in the night.

This year I went with a source that hadn't occurred to me before despite how many of these have worked their lasting mental euiiiiiieegh on me for decades: horror novel covers. (I've read about 8 of these, I think; some of the ones that have stuck in my lizard brain for years, though, are books I never dared actually pick up back in my teens when they were around on every used bookstore shelf.)

All of these were gleaned from the pages of Too Much Horror Fiction, not because there are no other sources out there but because I didn't even manage to fully plumb the depths of this one due to constant distraction into reading the author's reviews.

Copyright belongs to the various individual artists of the cover pieces. If you're interested in finding the novels or the cover artists, the novel's title and author are in the hover text for each icon, and the filename is also the novel title. I don't need icon credit unless you are that way inclined anyway; want/take/have/mutilate as desired.

Warning for...creepy horror images? Including but not limited to eyes, skulls, blood, evil teddy bears, implied violence, nooses, dolls, evil kids, threatened kids, kids surrounded by flames, ginger kids, faceless nuns, demons, body horror, cats, fangs, and 80's hair.

Total Icon Count: 37



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creepy doll

MP's Brain Patterns, Take Two

A slightly less visual exploration than the last one.

1. "Hey, I wonder if I should make another I aten't ded yet post to LJ? It's been a few months." (2 minutes of debating writing more vs. just setting my Twitter and Tumblr up to crosspost links to LJ but suspecting that would annoy people)

2. "I could re-post my Happy 7th Birthday Fandom High post in lieu of actual content. Or would that annoy the people who don't play there and hate that it's where I spend most of my online time instead of doing more mainstream fannish stuff now? Plus it might also annoy the people who don't play there anymore and are sick of hearing about it? Eh, whatever, I'll wait until my actual game anniversary, which is sometime next week, since I joined in the second wave, not the first day." (3 minutes of pondering)

3. "I do kind of wonder how many people have defriended me because I post so infrequently that the journal looks dead, though. Let's look at my userinfo!" (30 seconds of waiting for LJ to decide to load)

4. "Hunh, not many, really. Guess I'll poke at the comms I'm a member of but don't watch anymore, though, while I'm here, to see if anyone posted anything interesting." (30 seconds of scanning profile)

5. sickchicks: (5 minutes, immediately remembered why I took it off in the first place: fannish drift coupled with an unrewarding ratio of Not My Kink to My Kinks.)

6. "OH GOD fake_lj_deaths! I FORGOT THAT EXISTED!" (5 minutes before getting linked to an offhand reference to turimel and the VB/Jordan Wood/Thanfiction saga.)

7. turimel --> Kumquatwriter (formerly OrangeblossomB) --> notadiamond (formerly diamondtook) --> "Hey, should I go look at the Fandom Wank writeup? No, bc then I'd have to read my own threadbare summary of early bits that now makes me cringe and if you go any further down the hole YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE, plus remembering how much of my Journalfen flist is now social justice echo-chambers arguments vs. actual wank is depressing." (3 hours.)

8. Back to fake_lj_deaths to read the actual new posts in the last 6 months. (10 minutes)

9. In conclusion, Wank Is Still My Fandom.

10. "Internet brainpaths are fun to chart. I should write this one down so other people may laugh at it too. Except that's a fuckload of steps to post on twitter, and I can only get to tumblr from my phone and besides my tumblr is pretty much all horror-themed and I don't want to cross the streams. Where can I--"

11. "Oh. Right."

I Live

I have nothing much to say these days, but in the land of LJ (or fandom in general) you do have to keep verifying that you haven't faded off into the aether, for the sad reason that so many people do vanish. I am aether-free and still here and reading Ye Olde Friendslist every day! I just apparently think more than I talk, at the moment.

My brain, such as it is, basically looks like this, presented largely without context and not to scale:


And now you know.
Francine - fairy

Black March and All That Boycotty Jazz

This may not be the least confrontational way of phrasing it, but it addresses the issue I have with the Big Black Box that's getting shared on LJ, reblogged on tumblr, tweeted about and generally spread around the internets today.

I have no problem with targeted activism and every admiration with the principles behind it, but please actually think about who your target is, here, because "Buy no books/magazines/movies/music whatsoever" is what's getting reblogged on that giant spiffy graphic.

Your local independent bookstore or comic shop, your favorite also-in-fandom and fair-use-activist authors (and recording artists), self-published comic creators -- those people would be hit harder by a blanket boycott on all buying of published media in the month of March than any of the huge publishing companies/RIAA/MPAA.

I chose those 3 specific artists as examples because aside from their popularity in fandom, they all actually have books coming out in March whose sales figures can directly affect whether their next book gets published at all -- or in the case of Terry Moore, comics coming out whose sales go straight to the dude's gas bills, do not pass go, do not pay anybody besides the shipping company he uses to get them out to the comic shops.

So, yeah, I get the idea. I even support the idea; by all means, wait until April to purchase that DVD box set or that new album released by RCA. But be more specific about what not to buy and who not to buy it from, so you don't cut off the nose of your favorite artist to spite SOPA's face.

ETA: from killabeez via morgandawn, here's a great and much more targeted post addressing how to boycott specifically the companies that support SOPA and similar over-reaching "anti-piracy" legislation. There's even an app for that!

Oh, Our Italian Cousins

Happy creepy religious/personal/commercial holiday of your choice. Me, I'm gonna dress up like a pirate wench of questionable virtue (something was redundant there, but I'm not sure if it was me or the wench), hand out way too much candy to the neighborhood children, attempt to keep 8 cats and a kitten Kraken from getting outside during that process, and watch the hell out of some horror movies.

So, pretty much the same thing we do every night, Pinky, minus the Twizzlers and the black leather corset.

In conclusion, pie boobies blame Canada gingers have no souls Dutch people live in wooden shoes creepy icons! Which I haven't done in a while. This time, though, instead of Getty, I plundered Italian horror films, specifically Argento's Inferno and Fulci's The House By The Cemetery and The Beyond. So these could vaguely be considered spoilery for those three movies if you labor under the delusion that the storylines would make any sense to you whatsoever after watching the films let alone scrolling through a few icons.

These are by no means a representative sampling of every scene or iconic image; they're just visuals that I found spooky. Low on blood and pretty much free of gore because again, I like the creepy, not the gross. Warning for, um. Spiders, ginger kids, and supernaturally-induced cataracts?

Want/take/have/mutilate as desired.

Total Icon Count: 43

001 to 013: Dario Argento's Inferno

014 to 023: Lucio Fulci's The House By The Cemetery (pretty much all ginger kid, all the time, despite her not being the main character or even the main kid; it was that or decapitations and bat attacks, plus the main kid is DEEPLY ANNOYING)

024 to 043: Lucio Fulci's The Beyond (which also has a ginger kid, who's much less cute and gets much less screentime; OTOH the only lines she has are "Mom! Mom!" so she doesn't have to be atrociously dubbed by an adult)


TEASER! Icon 004


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domestic piranha

James and I appear to have made fic(let)

Also, one of us is drunk*

Title: DP Ephemera: Days Go By And Still I Eat Skittles
Series: Domestic Piranhas
Author Zuh: zortified and mpoetess
Fandom: BtVS/Angel. Sort of.
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: It says ass in it. And fuck. So it's rated the same as whatever this summary is rated because this summary says ass and fuck too. However, not in the same sentence. Well, not in the story.
Disclaimer: Their children are fish. Their children are smarter than us them. It's vaguely possible that this is a crack AU. Just saying.
Summary: Xander comes home and finds Spike being...Spike. Xander would like stuff to happen.

*Spoiler: not me
creepy doll

Because it's been driving *me* nuts...

"What an awesome header," said I, after the initial chortling over what an awesome concept it was, on viewing the U.S. CDC's Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Guide.

And then I started seeing it every freakin' where.

"The hell?" said I, on pulling up House of Fallen while doing my daily Amazon crawl for decent streaming horror movies, after having already blinked at Bat Sh*t Crazy* on the shelf at my local Family Video. "Is this some incredibly popular piece of zombie art that the talented but crazyflakes artist dumped into the public domain, and everyone everywhere has picked it up?

No, it's just stock photography and uncreative marketing divisions. But at least, thanks to Google and TinEye, it's not driving me nuts anymore, and I can go watch an undoubtedly bad** horror anthology starring Corbin Bernsen and C. Thomas Howell. Just in case it was driving you nuts too, I thought I'd post about it.

*Asteriskery not mine; shit, ya'all, since when have I ever avoided cussing like a sailor around here?
**Nothing to do with the actors in question, just Sturgeon's Law, which seems to get a +8 modifier (so 98% of everything is dreck) when it comes to a) horror movies, and b) movies available through streaming video via Amazon or Netflix.