I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

For the record (and indeed for your reading pleasure), Sidelines by Anna S. rocks the metaphorical casbah. Xander/Spike, as if Season 4 had given Xander the coming out experience, instead of Willow. The actual plotty type parts were perhaps a little too subtle for me -- I can't write plot to save my life, but I'm completely unfair in demanding it of other folks -- in showing what happens with the Adam plot in this version. But there was just enough there to be intriguing. In that "Ooh, I want the S4 DVDs now, so I can see the whole story again, instead of just Xander's POV. Oh, shit. I forgot. This is an AU...." way. And the X/S is painful, funny, just on that edge of lurve...

Well. Wolfling said "Anna S. has written an X/S story," and I responded with "Ah. Good. I needed my daily dose of intimidation." I see no reason, after having read it, to withdraw the statement. It's a compliment, albeit one delivered through clenched teeth, seething with poisonously bitter block-induced jealousy. ;-)


But dude, when you rec something to a list with "I don't believe in S/X slash, I'm a fervent X/S anti-shipper, I think there's no canonical support for it and no one''s ever made me believe it -- except for this *one* shining light of a story..." Gee. Thanks. That didn't insult any of the X/S writers on the list.

/end trans
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