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Some unrelated things.

Resolution #1 - I'm a 29 year old ex-english-major from northwest Indiana. I don't have to speak like the Buffy cast, to write about them. I blame fandom. It's a convenient scapegoat. ;-)

Resolution #2 - Take out the trash.

Resolution #3 - The feedback/rec thing? Get over it. mutter mutter. Ok. Over it. Even over the fact that I believe the upshot is people in general think we were squawking and tirading on the subject, when in fact, there were three separate short comments by three different people, two in journals, the third on a list. The rest was a combination of trying to explain what made us feel that way, when questioned directly about it, and other people feeling the need to make essay-length rants on the subject of Get Over It, sometimes without seeming to understand exactly what the it in question had been. Honestly? Over it.

Resolution #4 - In general? Chill out, already. (I'm allowed to say that, even in the face of Res#1. People say that even in northwest Indiana. Or so I hear.)

Resolution #5 - Write something. But only if I feel like it.

Resolution #6 - Remember that life is actually pretty fucking good. I have a wondertwin, name of maeyan, I have a conglomerbrain, names of zortified and wolfling, I have a sarabi and a milamber who refuses to learm html yet somehow manages to write in xhtml and wouldn't touch livejournal with a ten foot Visor even though it's an open-source project which should swell his gleeful little programmer's heart. I have you people to amaze, enlighten and entertain me. Got witchwillow to send hugs and descriptions of what the hell a brownie is to, cicirossi to write amazing, wonderful smut day after day, and thebratqueen and stakebait to poke me with pointy sticks when I assume that silence=people-hate-me (even though that's not quite what I was assuming, I heart them anyway). I have a half-finished website redesign that kicks non-framed, non-javascripted boo-tay, and I have the ability to write good stuff, even if I'm not doing it at the moment. I also have a house that may be falling to pieces, but it's mine ours, and I have more cats than any human could ever hope to control. Yes, I'm aware that technically means one, but work with me here. There's five.

And Anthony Stewart Head is on Hollywood Squares, y'all.

So. Have I mentioned I like cheese?
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