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This was going to be my radio silence day, since I have nothing useful to contribute to any thoughts, discussion, argument, whatever. (Except sympathy for anyone who's feeling badly in any way, shape, or form, today.) My personal choice for recognising this date is to keep my fucking mouth shut. As well as quietly wishing that people who are utterly unpossessed of sense or tact would by some miracle become aware of this fact about themselves, and choose to do likewise.


To anyone whom I might have said, with great earnestness, "Honest! There were never supposed to be five cats! Never!" ...

There were never supposed to be eight cats! Never!

(As of 12:30 this morning.)

*hangs head*

Two of them are tortoiseshell, so 98% chance that at least those are girls. One is gray. We *think* that's going to be all, but can't be sure.

ETA: Yup, that's all. Black cat + ginger cat = pretttty torties. And gray looks to be the sort that'll grow up fluffy. :)

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