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I lied...
But only because I remembered that I hadn't ever reposted this with the correct answers.

Because... um... because. Because I surf LJ's too much. But dammit, I did code two pages.

The Nine Truths and A Lie Thing

1. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

True. Jen fakes people out by doing the "I can stick out my tongue and touch my nose" gag, touching her nose with her finger, then I go in for the kill and do the real thing. Screw karaoke; it's a great party trick.

Um, if we ever went to parties.

2. I have no gall bladder.

True. Just four teeny little scars. Which are the only thing teeny and little about me, besides my nose.

3. The orginal DoubleMint Twins were in my uncle's graduation class in high school.

True. It's his claim to fame. Well that, and this:

Me: (In butch voice, quoting Disney's Hunchback) Phoebus. It means Sun God!

Ron: Beavis means Sun God? Then I guess Butthead must mean Moon God.

He's sixty-one. He was fifty-nine at the time. It was frickin' funny, dangit.

4. I have never seen the orginal Buffy movie.

Buzzzzzz. Incorrect. Saw, loved, was half the reason I didn't start watching the series until Season 3. Until summer repeats of S3. Mabiana got it right.

5. I've never been drunk (at least to my knowledge.)

True. Boring, but true. A drink or two has occasionally made me sleepy, but that's it. Ah, the party life.

6. I once met Bozo the Clown.

True. Ish. I saw him at a public appearance. My mother shook his hand. I can't remember if I did or not.

7. I can move my eyes independantly of one another.

True. I look like a complete and utter dork. This is distinguished from my usual appearance by the fact that I look like a complete and utter dork with her eyes rolling in opposite directions.

8. I once scratched my initials in a CD.

Um... Yeah. That would be the Buffy CD. My depth-perception was playing tricks on me, and seeing the silver text on top as an etching instead of paint, and... um... So anyway, it only skips on the two songs that I hate anyway, and um... Look, it was like the 8th CD I ever bought. Give me a break, or I'll throw 8-tracks at you.

9. My middle name is Angela.

Also boring-but-true. I suppose it's more interesting than Lynn, Lee/Leigh, or Jo, which seem to be the most popular middle names to go with Amy.

10. I have a bed in my closet.

True. It's a camp bed. It's a big closet. Bring on the innuendo. ;-)


2001-08-28 07:24 am (UTC) (Link)

I keep thinking of doing one of these - but I can't think of ten interesting / possibly unbelievable things about myself. The most I've thought of was four, and now, of course, I can't remember what they were.... Also, part of the problem is - the weirdest things about me, everyone believes.

10 Unbelievable Things About Zort Before Breakfast


2001-08-28 02:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

I could tell you a few, but then people would know which were true. But... hmm...

1. The spanking was all Zort's idea.

2. Zort invented biting the head off the bubbly diver.

3. Zort secretly *is* Joss Whedon.

4. That quiltingthing? A cover. Zorts's actually an international gunrunner.

5. Zort has never written a scene where the character performs the same physical action (like sitting up in bed) in the space of five minutes because she lost track of what she was doing in the midst of all that angsty dialogue.

6. Zort has never said, "It works, now write the next scene."

7. Zort eschews green hair mousse.

8. Zort hates cats with a fiery, burning passion, as hot as 5-alarm chili.

9. Zort is completely innocent of all charges.

10. Zort did not actually write, last night, during the smushy romantic DP honeymoon fic, that Spike experienced a "burning sensation" in his cock. Nor did MP, re-reading the scene late into the night, burst into helpless laughter, unable to resist the urge to shout "They have a cream for that now!"

Re: 10 Unbelievable Things About Zort Before Breakfast


2001-08-29 09:40 am (UTC) (Link)


I am not speaking to you, now. For at least ten minutes.

Re: 10 Unbelievable Things About Zort Before Breakfast


2001-08-29 02:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

Isn't it supposed to be 9 true things and 1 lie, rather than 9 lies and 1 true thing? (Okay, I believe the burning sensation-creme comment... *G*)

::ducking from Master James' swat::

Now would be a bad time to ask about graduating from Padawan to Knight, wouldn't it, Master?

::ducking again::