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Fannish Thing 2: Manchild

Mostly for zortified and wolfling though I expect Giles/ASH fans in general would appreciate. 2 soundclips and 39 ASH screencaps from Manchild, eps 1, 2, and 4, in no partcular order.

Obviously spoilery if you haven't seen any of the series. (This would be the BBC programme ASH has been working on during the last year.)

James (ASH) says "Buttocks". Um, because Wolfling wanted it.

James (ASH) says "Give it to me.... etc". Not fanwanking -- it's actually a hilarious, intentionally slashy scene, though it's all unintended innuendo on the part of the character. The screencaps that go with this are the ones that show ASH at the art show, not realizing he's holding dildo-shaped sculptures. He's actually begging his friend to tell him which piece would make the best investment, while the friend wants him to choose something that he likes. The clip of ASH in front of the black and white *ahem* print shows the one he finally does buy...

Er, yes, said screencaps:

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