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Slept badly, esp. on my neck, and awoke with a pounding, splitting, straight up my spine into my skull, straight down my spine into my upper back, headache. The kind so nerve-rocking that you wonder for a moment if you're having a heart attack, because moving makes you dizzy and short of breath. Nope, just the pseudo-migraine from hell.

So, stayed home from work. Thus, not on IM all day, since I didn't drag myself up proper til about noon, then just hid on irc and whined.

I did find some batteries for the flash attachment, loaded up the SLR camera, and took some kitten pictures that will hopefully be in focus (unlike the first set from the point-and-shoot). All I have to do now is manage to get the film *out* of the SLR, since the rewind crank is broken.

Ah well. Pliers. A must-have tool for every amateur photographer's camera bag....

So, Firefly and John Doe. Haven't seen this week's, which are currently being taped while I'm upstairs not watching. I had issues with both premieres, though.

Info-dump with the history at the beginning of Firefly was *not* necessary -- that backstory could so easily have been woven into the pro-Alliance guy's speech, and/or Mal's and Jayne's contrasting responses to it. I do like the femslashy vibe between Companion and Engineer in the hairbrushing scene, though I suspect that nothing more will come of it. I also like pseudo-Fred -- because if she stays this way, she might be what Fred was *supposed* to be. Entertaining *because* she's crazy. Eh, too soon to tell. Not awful, but overall, the dialogue and plot were nowhere near as snappy as BtVS -- even current BtVS. I'll give it a few more eps -- but if it continues to be as 'eh' as the premiere, I'll be even more annoyed at Joss -- because for *this* he left BtVS in Marti Noxon's hands? For *this* he let us be subjected to the idiocy that was Angel/Cordelia?

John Doe seems to be a cross between Pretender and Early Edition -- but I'm impressed with the character *not* being all noble and soul-having when it comes to using his knowledge to get himself a cool car and a sexy pad. I'm also impressed with the police for believing him, and the writers for playing that *logically* -- for once the supernaturally gifted hero doesn't have to pretend or hide from the authorities he's providing assistance to, and I for one find it a breath of fresh air. Bartender/art-student chick, however? Needs a personality instead of a stencil. And the monologues Must. Go. Now. Unless the intent is to make me laugh uproariously at the main character's pretentiousness. Again, it's got a few episodes to grab me enough to make me bother to pop a tape in on Fridays, when I'd much rather be co-writing...

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