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So, er.

For those of you not in the know, at least some of my bleh-ness this week has been about kittens. Not that they exist, for kittens are never bleh -- but that there's two more. (For the people rapidly doing math in their heads, yes, this means we had two female cats in heat at the same time. One not-quite-year-old male who hadn't yet been neutered, due to time, money, and general stupidity. Wackiness ensued.) Really not up to posting the long and disturbing version of events, because I'm in a better mood at the moment. Feel free to read maeyan's account.

So, this was mostly to say hi, still alive, and no, don't want to hear the spay/neuter rant, please.

Because we've heard it. We agree with it. We were stupidly sticking our heads in the sand about how much time we had left to put off getting the boy fixed, and we're aware of that. However. There's nothing we can fucking do about it now, and we aren't particularly interested in our problems serving as anybody else's catharsis so that they can feel better about the subject. Sympathize or don't with money and fear issues (which don't go away just because they were brought on by stupidity), coo over the kittens or don't. Hell, say what you want. I'm just not going to *respond* to "See, this is why you should've..." and the like. Or read past line one.

Also, of course, this is to stop people counting on their fingers when I post new kitten pictures, and there's four of them. ;-) Two boys, two girls. One of each in each set. The new ones are gray and white (the boy) and almost all gray with a tiny blaze on top of the head that could turn out to be white or orange (the girl).

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