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It's cold. Flotsam, Jetsam, Te's Meme

Temperature: Am drinking hot chocolate. Is necessary. And this is the first time the radiators have been turned on since spring. maeyan will bitch, I'm sure. Colour me concerned; I'm cold, so there will be heat. Because it's all about me. And the kittens, who will probably appreciate not freezing. ;-)

Disney Eel #1: Liked Angel. Liked guest star. Loved Wesley. Remained vaguely underimpressed by Lilah. Disliked final scene. Can sum up without using spoiler tags, nyah. Go vagueness!

Disney Eel #2: Am apparently OMWF on the Which Buffy Ep Are You quiz, which would've made me happier if all the answers hadn't been so blindingly obvious that the creator might as well have just asked us to choose which pic we want to post, without the rigamarole.

5 Most recent stories and what they say about me:

Good Intentions: Cowritten with wolfling. Spike/Giles. AU version of Bargaining; direct sequel to Company in Hell. Several months in the writing, several more in the editing. (Let's just say.... we wrote the last scene the week after Connexions.)

No Way in Hell: Spike/Giles again, also co-written with wolfling. Older and Far Away, in that same universe. Written, by way of contrast, in a month. The Merry Month of Fisting, to be precise. Actually posted before Good Intentions.

Domestic Piranhas -- Date Night 2: Angel. Co-written with zortified. Angel/Wes/Gunn, future, wildly AU. There's a date. Angel tries too hard. Stuff happens. Also, a carrot.

What We Have Here. Spike, during the final scene of Grave. It was meant to be intentionally AU, in terms of his emotional reaction to the soul. Now... I'm not sure if I might not be experiencing mild ficlash. It's also self-indulgently experimental in style.

Domestic Piranhas -- Date Night 1 -- Gunn. Co-written with zortified. There's a date. Well, there's supposed to be. Mostly, there's red goo, then a shower. With a vampire Towel Boy.

What they say about me? Given that the only solo story was written in late May, and it neatly avoids anything resembling a coherent narrative, I'm gonna go with "blocked." Granted, I'm not counting the human!Spike WIP or the unfinished OC story, but given that they're both, as mentioned, unfinished, that doesn't really contradict the previous diagnosis.

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