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Gacked from all and sundry, most recently Te

"Answer these using the lyrics of just ONE band:"

1. Are you a male or female?

And so the girl I was turned into someone else,
Keeping to myself and from the light.
I wasn't odd or strange, just quietly rearranged;
Sometimes the biggest change stays out of sight.

2. Describe yourself:

So which one are you tonight?
Do you change with the morning light?
Do you say more than what sounds right?
Do you say what you mean?

3. How do they feel about you?

It's a photograph taken in Paris at the end of the honeymoon,
In 1948, late in the month of June.
Your parents smiled for the camera in sienna shades of light;
Now you're older than they were then, that summer night.

4. How do you feel about yourself?

You're making lists today of all the things
You haven't done yet
You're driving everyone crazy;
Are you having any fun yet?

5. Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend?

There are moments in time that are meant to be held
Like fragile, breakable things
There are others that pass us, you can't even tell
Such is their grace and their speed.
And this one is gone in the blink of an eye
You can ask me the truth but tonight I will lie
Unflinching I'll tell you that I'm
Alone but not lonely.

6. What would you rather be doing?

Is it too much to demand -
I want a full house and a rock n' roll band
Pens that won't run out of ink
And cool quiet and time to think and
Shouldn't I have this? Shouldn't I have this?
Shouldn't I have all of this and
Passionate kisses...


11 Million later I was sittin' at the car.
I'd bought the house a double and the waitress a new car.

7. Describe where you live?

You've been saying for the longest time
That the time has come.
You've been talkin' like you're of a mind
To get some changing done.
Maybe move out of the city,
Find some quiet little town
Where you can sit out on your back porch step
And watch the sun go down.

8. Describe how you love

It's a need you never get used to,
So fierce and so confused.
It's a loss you never get over,
The first time you lose.

9. Share a few words of wisdom?

Tell your kid a story, hold your lover tight.
Make a joyful noise, swim naked at night.
Read a poem a day, call in well sometimes and
Laugh when they believe it.

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