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Because I have no zortified...

I am doing silly memes. From all and sundry again, most recently ephemera

1. I have a bed in my closet.

2. It's not the one I sleep in. The one I sleep in is half of a set of bunk beds.

3. The set of bunk beds once belonged to my uncles when they were small, around 1946.

4. I hate wearing socks in the house.

5. I hate wearing socks most of the time, except for with boots or athletic shoes.

6. I have a massive underbite; I can clench my molars together and still stick my tongue out between my front teeth.

7. I have no gall bladder.

8. I have absolutely flat feet. No arch whatsoever.

9. My CB radio handle used to be Little Angel. When I was 8.

10. I read East of Eden in one day. Mostly to piss off my freshman year (high school) English teacher. It worked.

11. I used to trace the figures in the Handbook to the Marvel Universe and make teams of new superheroes. And make up stories about them. I just never wrote them down, because interesting biographical information was so much more fun that an actual narrative.

12. I can draw the family tree from "Flowers in the Attic" from memory.

13. I once stepped aside and created an entirely new character for a Doctor Who RPG -- because a friend and I had colliding Mary Sues. "What do you mean yours is the Master's daughter too?" "And now I suppose you're going to tell me she's in love with the Doctor..." {snicker}

14. I read zortified's Bo/Roscoe and Bo/Luke stories while searching for rare slash pairings, liked them, didn't feedback, went on my merry way, and never met up with her until months later, when we both started posting on NT.

15. My mother says I'm a princess.

16. No. Really.

17. I once asked a boy to a dance with a note cleverly hidden in a pickle. (He turned me down, if y'all were wondering.)

18. I flunked my first driver's test by crossing over into the oncoming lane during a turn (aka turning too widely).

19. I spent four months in England without ever venturing to Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.

20. I have a cat on my foot.

21. I *hate* to look stupid. Silly, fine. But stupid? Like I'm not getting the joke? Hate it hate it hate it, and can be quite nasty to innocents, when I try to retrieve my dignity by lashing out at others.

22. As a child, I had access to the cabinet where I now know my grandfather kept his handgun. Scares the shit out of me, since it was pure dumb luck that I didn't end up playing with it, I think.

23. The very first pet that I named myself was a cat called.... wait for it.... Fluffy.

24. The first book I could read (or pretend to read) was a Read Along version of The Wizard of Oz, with accompanying 45 rpm record.

25. In fifth grade, I smashed a school-lunch pizza in a boy's face, for saying "What you lookin' at, Fatso?" as he passed my desk (and a host of other previous crimes). It was rather satisfying, all told.

26. In first grade, I never got to push the music cart. Not once. *Looks sad*

27. I can wiggle my ears/scalp.

28. I can roll my tongue.

29. I can bend the first knuckle (the one just below the fingernail) on all my fingers, while holding the second knucle straight.

30. I used to be able to pop my jaw, but can't, any longer.

31. My senior prom was held on my 18th birthday. (Ok, not specially for me, but it worked out that way.)

32. I have no idea how I'm going to come up with 50 of these.

33. I can't see Magic Eye pictures.

34. This may be because the vision in my right eye is so bad that it can only be corrected to 20/70. Depth perception? What depth perception?

35. My first bike was pink, with a little basket, and training wheels. I still pretended it was the General Lee.

36. The first movie I ever watched on a VCR was The Muppet Movie.

37. We had to leave the theatre during a movie about the life of Christ, when I was 5 or 6, because I was too creeped out by the nails-through-hands thing.

38. My mother, bless her warped mind, once sent a letter to Princess Di, enclosing hair clips, as a gift. Got a response, too, from one of her ladies in waiting, thanking her for the letter and "gift of costume jewelry."

39. I once met Bozo the Clown.

40. Somewhere in the unincorperated area of northwest Indiana just south of Dyer, colloquially known as Kreitzburg, there's still a shoe of mine, buried several feet deep in an unplowed field. Mud sucked it straight down. Slurrrrrrrp.

41. Apparently when I was *quite* small, I got carried everywhere, and was most put out when informed that I would have to walk in the snow on my own tiny feet, when I went to stay with an aunt and uncle.

42. I seem to be unhypnotizeable. Or at least un-self-hypnotizeable.

43. I'm staying home from work tomorrow. Nyah.

44. Because I'm sick. :-(

45. But I'm staying home! :-)

46. I haven't been to a dentist in... far too long.

47. I have a stuffed Cthulu (the Goth Cthulu) in my cube at work. He lives next to talking Dogbert ("Leave me now. You're unworthy. Some day you'll all work for me.") and Snowdrop the Generic Beanie Cat.

48. I've never smoked pot -- or been in the vicinity of someone smoking pot (that I was aware of).

49. I have, however, gotted stoned on Dayquil. Quite, quite stoned. Wrote a graduate paper while in this state. Got an A.

50. My favourite food is spaghetti. With tomato sauce. No meatballs. Meatballs suck.

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