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Tonight's Angel


There. Wasn't that worth clicking the link?

No, really. What TBQ said.

Okay, I do have thoughts of my own. Angel watching Connor fight -- I liked that -- but Cordy's dialogue could not have been any lamer if... actually, I can't come up with a scenario in which Cordy's dialogue could've been lamer. "Same dark good looks..." Oh, what*ever*! Since when the frick is Connor {visually} dark, anyway? He's a dirty blond.

I liked the Prisoner of Vegas plotline in general, even if it makes me go "So why didn't Lorne have this guy sing for him before he accepted the job?" Missed Lorne so, glad to have him back, even if the reason for him going away in the first place seems rather pointlessly contrived now. Fred as Lornette was cute. Gunn jumping on Lorne didn't seem so annoying to me -- it's at least consistent with the change in his character given his feeling of being betrayed by Wes (no matter how ridiculously out of character *that* feeling might have been) -- and then by Connor. Angel's namedropping had me yelling about his "Are You Now..." backstory too -- it didn't even occur to me that he might be joking, stringing them along, being dork!Angel, until I read TBQ's review. I'm still not sure what to make of it other than that it wasn't clear enough to be funny, and it was embarrassing enough to make me cringe.

So, was it *real* Cordy, at the end? I was spoiled for her last line, (and some upcoming plot) but I'm not entirely sure this isn't a red herring, and poor Lame!Dialogue!Cordy isn't still stuck up there somewhere.
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