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Buffy: The "We Don't Believe in Daylight Savings Time" Report

Comments more or less as viewed:

Happy that Willow's going back to school. Happy that Xander has lines. Granted, they could be cleverer lines, but at least they were lines. I've been thinking that Nick's stuttering/lisp thing has come back, or gotten worse, or something, and his lines might be being cut/altered accordingly. He doesn't seem to get the kind of lines that need to be delivered crisply, anymore, and it only really occurred to me during "Lessons" -- he's always had a tiny lisp, but he's practically spitting when he says "contracty goodness." Er, right. Back to the ep.

So, um, Anya was always odd and literal-minded? That makes less sense than it did when it was because she'd been out of the loop for centuries. And... bunnies! (Except... we still don't know why she hates them. Did they distract her at a crucial time when she should have been paying attention to Olaf and his bar matron?)

Eeep. Lady MacAnya. Honey, you'll never get 'em clean.

Obligatory "poor Spike" and "aww" that Buffy's being nice to him, but it can't possibly be Buffy. Oh look. It's not. But she does still care. Which is nice. I'll stop saying "nice" now. Look -- Buffy's still not annoying me! (Though like last week's Spike interlude, this too was superfluous, this one didn't annoy me. Because it was sweet.)

Awww. Geeker!Willow! So cute, going back to school. With a system of different coloured highlighters. ;-)

Eww. Very bloody house.

Eeeep! Spider!

Like the flashbacks. Love Abe Benrubi. (Who hails from the land where they don't believe in daylight savings time too.) Prettypretty medieval Anya. Sorry, Aud. Pretty name, too.

Like the Anya/Willow interaction. bettyp may be onto something.

Why does Buffy have to kill Anya? She didn't have to kill Hallie. She isn't hunting down D'Hoffryn. Why isn't the object to contain Anya, or destroy her power center again? I'm down with Buffy's speech -- it was good. Loved the "I killed Angel" speech. You know, that guy? On the other network? Whose love for Cordelia was destined? *cough* Sorry. Choked on a bit of bile there. But why does Buffy have to *kill* Anya, aside from, to provide dramatic tension?

The Lie! Willow blew The Lie open! And Buffy didn't even care or pay attention. It was treated as a joke. Thank you. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! *Does the neener dance to everyone who declared it a big fricking Xander-can-never-be-forgiven deal.

Hee! Spinny Xander in chair. Cute song. But... doesn't it seem like she's more in love with the idea of being married and together forever, than... with him? Is it just the slasher in me, or are they actually showing that?

Eeeeeeeeeeep! Hallie! I! But! Dangling Cecily plot thread! But! I! Damn!

*kills Joss*

But damn. That was good.

And aww, Xander/Anya... thing. Love/goodbye/something thing. Aww. (I was *not* insane. She was clinging to him. Hmmrm.)

Yay! Good ep. Really good ep. Even with big "Hey, Buffy? Power Center?" plothole.

Happy Dance.
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