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New Community

While taking a break from flogging snogging the minions to have a chat with the lovely benaresq, we decided that it's a crying shame that fans who've been pointed and laughed at on fandom_wank don't have any place to defend themselves.

Oh, one can go to fandom_wank itself and take up the issue, but as zvi_likes_tv points out, an attempt to clarify one's point there is... well perhaps not stupid, but certainly merely contributes to the general atmosphere of indecorous hilarity.

One can post about it in one's own blog, but then they'd just point and laugh again, wouldn't they.

So. There needs to be a place for this, don't you think? There needs to be an LJ community for those who want to respond to those pocky-eating bitches seriously -- without getting laughed at. A place for your voice to be heard -- and there's just not enough of those in fandom, to our way of thinking.

So. meta_fandom_wank. No pointing or laughing allowed.

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