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Huh - Spike, Dru, Sex, Petriecakes

Hijacking a [ahem, friends-protected, just realized] topic from a fellow writer's journal, in order not to hijack her actual journal:

The notion that Spike and Dru's post-slayer fiery city yummyagainsthewall sex was Spike's *first* sex with Dru? Is difficult for me to conceive of, despite Doug Petrie apparently making the statement that such was his thought/intent.

Thing one is, 20 years with Dru, and no sex? Given their chemistry, the mind boggles, but that's the easiest one to overcome, if one accepts that Spike is most definitely her bitch, and if she says no, (insert Spuffy comparison here) it damn well means no.

Thing two is, if not, why not?

If it was because he hadn't done enough to impress her until he killed a Slayer, it seems fairly odd. Angelus, after all, never killed a Slayer, and she was impressed enough with him. Okay, he was Daddy - I get that. But Spike sure as hell seemed to be doing his best to rival him in viciousness - I can see her not thinking him as *good* as Daddy, but not thinking him good enough for her at all, doesn't seem to mesh with what we saw. Spike was of her own choosing, nor does she seem disappointed with him in the mineshaft FFL scene, which was the same year as his turning.

If it was because she belonged exclusively to Angelus until 1900... well... Angelus *suggested* she make herself a playmate, because she was lonely, bored, wanted somebody to hurt her, and his mind was all full of Darla. Why exactly would he rapidly change his mind on that subject? Also, in the mineshaft scene, we got Dru saying (well, singing) "I think our boys are going to fight" to Darla. -- [Ah, no, Darla said it to Dru. Same point, though, really: *Darla* considered the men to belong either respectively or communally to the two of them.]

Thing three is, if not Dru, then who? I find it beyond belief that Spike was celibate for the 20 years between being turned in 1880 and his onscreen sex with Dru in 1900. I suppose he could've had random encounters with anyone - victims, other vamps, etc -- but that paints a fairly odd picture of their devoted relationship, if he's allowed to shag anybody but her. And if he was being shagged by Angelus.... then the logic (the one I can't fathom anyway) of Angelus keeping him away from Dru seems bizarre -- he's good enough for you to shag, and she's good enough for you to shag, but they can't shag each other? I could almost buy that it was a D/s thing, the more fun to torture them both, but.... Angelus didn't really seem like he had the *time* to be caring about such -- see above re obssessed with Darla phase.

And of course in figuring out the *writer's* logic, I'm not buying for a minute that *his* solution to who Spike was shagging for the first 20 years of his unlife, was Angelus.

Thoughts? People who do buy that the China scene was Spike and Dru's first sex, what do you guys think he was doing for the previous 20 years? Lo, entertain me with your ideas.

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