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Okay first, just bwah: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,70863,00.html

You have to be a hoosier to get this, I think. IU admin has been bitching up one side of the street and down the other about the 'Party School' ranking and how they don't appreciate it, and they want students coming to their school for the..um, not sure. Greatly revered academic programs? (ex IU student here, btw, though only at IUPUI) I mean, it's not a *bad* school, but in Indiana it's famous for three things: accepting any Indiana student with a high school diploma, Hoosiers basketball, and dubious student activities. So I chortle at the fact that they managed to attract (in the sense that one attracts mosquitos, from their POV) a porn movie company to shoot there based on the Party School rating.

Second, Bill O'Reilly is... severely obnoxious, if not an actual moron. No, the taxpayers of Indiana did not fund any part of this film, spudhead. Any more than we fund your smarmy ass when you film a news spot in front of the capitol building. The public property is already there, dude. If anything, the students who *rent* those dorm rooms funded the film. And guess what -- they were in on the action, so I suspect they're not complaining.

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