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Yeah, well...
Having run it by the friends list first, I give y'all what is very possibly the worst-edited not-really-songvid ever.

Declaration: Xander takes a stand. (1.5 mB)

Right-click and choose "Save Target As" -- don't try playing it just by clicking on the link.

Windows Media File, and no, sorry, I can't convert it to anything else without getting a programming degree -- wmv is apparently *designed* to be a huge frigging proprietary pain in the ass. There is however a Windows Media Player for both Mac OSX and Mac OS 8.1 through 9x.


2002-11-25 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)

:-( So sorry! Though of course I'm a couple of miles from any, which is as wide as an ocean when you're stuck someplace you can't escape from. Which isn't work. Really.