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Hmph. What You Get For Reading Other People's Poetry

What I Did In Microsoft Word Today

I clicked 'open'
Instead of 'new'
Like I thought it would be there already.
Written for me
And all I had to do
Was unwrap it and read.

[And I've deleted the other one, because... arrgh. You know, once upon a time I actually wrote terza rima? The occasional sonnet with the right number of quatrains?]

Our Metaphorical Tub

We bought this house
For the porch swing and the basement
And the garage we've never parked the car in
Becausethe angle is too steep
And the four bedrooms when there's only two of us
And the attic we're not tall enough to reach,
But mostly for the tub.

Clawfoot and huge, and who should care
That the shower curtain doesn't really work
And sticks to your ass when you try to take a shower.
Who the hell takes a shower in a clawfoot tub?
It's deep and white and big enough for three,
Not that it's ever held more than one since we've had it,
But theoretically, you know.

But the plumbing doesn't work right,
And when you try to do the dishes,
The toilet drain backs up into the bath drain
And overflows.
Very pretty, really,
And I haven't taken a bath in four months.

Thank God there's a shower in the basement.
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