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Officially Marking It Somewhere
Since I'm not about to bitch about it on the list.


Sometimes BBF drives me *fucking* nuts.

And there's a difference between "I'm not sure how to write this anymore" and "the love is gone."

And I'm not sure if anybody noticed this, but pre Anna reccing S/X pieces (and thus apparently making it ok, and god Anna I love you and I love your work but if people don't stop deciding that slash/[S/X] is cool now because *you* like it, I'm going to scream and stomp and scream some more, 'kay? And then suck my thumb) on the list? You know how often they were recced?

This is *not* a popular pairing when it comes to being recced in cross-fandom arenas. Just because y'all are annoyed with the proliferation of it in the last couple of *months* -- which happened because a well-respected bifictional writer started recommending it and so the rest of us felt we could maybe come out of the closet on a list that has previously *not* been welcoming to slash (you think you have, but you haven't) -- does *not* make it the flood-the-airwaves pairing that you actually have to call a "Non-S/X recs day" for. Get a fucking grip.

Hi. I may be a bit cranky.


2002-12-12 07:40 am (UTC) (Link)


*feeds MP gourmet hot cocoa*

Um ... but hasn't Anna been writing and rec-ing slash for years? X-Files, Sentinel, Stargate? Or is this a different Anna? Or is it because she's not been slashing Buffy characters before now?

*thanks lucky stars I don't belong to any lists; I do not have the spiritual fortitude for it*


2002-12-12 07:45 am (UTC) (Link)

Yeah, I'm assuming it's because she hasn't been writing/reccing Buffy slash before now, or at least not vocally -- most of the Buffy people who didn't follow her in from other fandoms (not necessarily came to Buffy because Anna came here, but rather, knew her from other fandoms and read her work for that reason) know her from her Buffy/Spike work, which is deservedly well-loved.