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Officially Marking It Somewhere
Since I'm not about to bitch about it on the list.


Sometimes BBF drives me *fucking* nuts.

And there's a difference between "I'm not sure how to write this anymore" and "the love is gone."

And I'm not sure if anybody noticed this, but pre Anna reccing S/X pieces (and thus apparently making it ok, and god Anna I love you and I love your work but if people don't stop deciding that slash/[S/X] is cool now because *you* like it, I'm going to scream and stomp and scream some more, 'kay? And then suck my thumb) on the list? You know how often they were recced?

This is *not* a popular pairing when it comes to being recced in cross-fandom arenas. Just because y'all are annoyed with the proliferation of it in the last couple of *months* -- which happened because a well-respected bifictional writer started recommending it and so the rest of us felt we could maybe come out of the closet on a list that has previously *not* been welcoming to slash (you think you have, but you haven't) -- does *not* make it the flood-the-airwaves pairing that you actually have to call a "Non-S/X recs day" for. Get a fucking grip.

Hi. I may be a bit cranky.


2002-12-13 03:54 pm (UTC) (Link)

In all honesty? I'd be really interested to see the stats, too. I will freely admit to being obsessed and geeky enough to do it without shame. But unfortunately I am also far too lazy...

But I did have a brief glance. I think the X/S has come in bursts, a handful of enthusiastic discussions with droughts in between. Less than I'd have thought, but still probably second to Spuffy, recently at any rate, and the Spuffy is a constant tirade. But in retrospect I think I should've written 'non-Spike recs' had I done this research beforehand... The list is predominantly Spike/everything but the kitchen sink. And it's infuriating at times - even the Buffy/Faith, Wes/Faith thread mutated into Spike/Faith, for cryin' out loud, which was just cruel.

It has to be said, it's a hard, harsh world if you don't like Spike... :)

(Actually, I don't dislike the character, the current season even has me intrigued about him - I'm just severely lukewarm on him, don't understand the fuss, and I'd rather read other things. But that's beside the point.)

I remember clearly that the list used to be apologetic about slash recs in the way you describe. More recently, that has turned around a lot, I would say, but maybe it retains the stigma of its past reputation.