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And the shitweasels at FOX cancelled Firefly -- which was the one show that actually stood a chance of getting me interested enough to care about something besides the Buffyverse.

Oddly, in a better mood, at least for the next 5 minutes. Just noting this down as ammunition for when the next wave of need for pissiness strikes.

Will respond to comments asap; short version, for those who care, no, don't go away, Kita, dorky hot mama. And yes, I overreacted, Roseveare, and I'm sorry it seemed like a dig at you -- I never intended to hurt your feelings. Your post (which I didn't realize was yours; I might not've been so hair-triggered if I'd twigged that it was from someone who I knew is slash-friendly, though I really wasn't seeing anti-slash from *it*) and the subsequent and related ones were just the last feather added to the pile of a bad, tired day.
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