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Er. New userpic. Um. No, really, there's a point to this. It indicates I'm working on CG! Or will be in a minute.

Beta-read Dancing About Architecture 9. Good story. Just...she's soooooo slow in getting chapters out, because Emcee has the attention-span of a butterfly with ADHD. Meaning, she's got about 10 WIP's, I think. All well-written and intriguing. If she'd ever finish one... And the mailing lists, and the projects, and the actual life she has... BAP! Make her sit down and write, I will. Er, okay, no I won't, but Alexandria Brown will.

I know, I know, who am I to talk. Look at me making new userpics instead of working on CG. Or editing Honeymooners. But....

Soon as I finish this entry, I'm goin' offline until tomorrow. Er, or until I think of something I need to look up. And I'm gonna write CG. I am o yes I am and lo it shall be good. Or at least, lo, it shall be written.

I need to stick all the perky songs on this cd on the playlist, and make the others go bye-bye. The perky ones are makin' me bounce in my seat; the droopy ones are makin' me wanna go read other people's fic, or play with art.

We are Perkyyyyyyyyyy!

And yes, I agree, Zort. Kara's pretty cool. My 'kids these days' rant does have exceptions. (Or did you mean Brittaney, who complimented your poetry? Because she's.. wow. To say "articulate for a high schooler" doesn't begin to sum it up. She's more articulate than half the people on NT.

Perky perky bagpipes!
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