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Too snotty?
"If you're looking for a nomination banner, they can be found here -- I appreciate the work that contest and awards organizers put into running them -- please appreciate the work I put into my website design (whether or not you like the design itself), and don't try to dictate it to me."

Judging by other people's comments, I think we're all getting a bit annoyed with "and you must put up our banner" -- and now it's "within 3 days" and it's "on this specific page" etc. etc. What really sticks in my craw is the telling me *where* I have to post it (I was about to say "where I have to stick it") regardless of whether that particular page is actually laid out in a way that would work with adding banner links to it. Why, again, does someone else nominating my story for competition in your awards, obligate me to pimp your site for you, much less let you tell me how I need to display mine?

(I can see the angle on asking that a link be put up, if you're submitting your own work -- sort of an entrance fee. It doesn't annoy me so much, anyway.)


2002-12-19 06:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

Um. *embarrassed and chastened* It never occurred to me how rude and autocratic all that came across as being. I think I'll be rewording the Spiked Awards rules (or that one, anyhoo) ASAP.

I know it's no excuse, but in my case, the wording came from several-too-many encounters with Stupid PeopleTM while running the now largely defunct UKBAWC. And I ended up carrying the 'Do this, now do that' attitude over, somewhat, with the 'put the button here, here or here' thing. Anyway. You're right, the 'within 3 days' thing is ridiculous - the original idea was that the nomination would be checked in that time, but that didn't work out, so it's stupid to still have it up there. As for why someone should link back if they didn't nominate themselves, well, I see your point there, but then again if an awards site is linking a site or fic, then it's courteous to link back in return, and it's also IMO a form of acknowledgement of the nomination / agreement to be included in the awards. However, when it comes to the judging, for the Spiked Awards, I've never taken note of whether there's a link up or not. *shrugs* It's nice if it's there, but if not, well, that's not a reason to exclude a site / fic from the competition.

Ah well. I really hope it wasn't my site that offended you, but if not, I 'spose it may as well have been, since I guess I have all the points up there. :-/ If it helps, I feel awful now. I'm really sorry.


2002-12-20 05:59 am (UTC) (Link)

Oh, sweetie -- I didn't mean to make you feel awful -- please don't. It wasn't your site that got to me. I didn't even notice that the Spiked Awards *had* a 'must put up banner' thing, mostly because last time, I was so chuffed to be included, of *course* I put up a banner.

Which, admittedly, says a lot about the awards site that *did* get to me -- it's not one that immediately says "Wow! They contacted me! I feel special!" to me, making me ignore all else. More "Um, who are you and why again are you arbiters of good taste when your website layout is of the 'in order to see our glorious design -- or reach the navigation buttons -- you must use F11 to make it take up your entire screen, but we know you'll want to do that because it's so gorgeous...' ilk?"

I can see (which hadn't occurred to me before) the need to tell people step by step what to do, so they don't screw things up nine ways from Sunday.

And I get the link back being courteous, as well as showing that they've agreed to participate in the contest/voting. Maybe it would be less irritating to people (the practice in general, not the Spiked Awards, because as I said, I didn't even notice it, there) if it were phrased that way -- "In order to show that you've agreed to participate, please post a banner or other link back to us, someplace that we can easily find it when we look at your website." The standard phrasing seems to be "You MUST place a banner link on your MAIN page within X number of days or you will be removed from the nominations." Which gives an entirely different picture.

Plus, yes, it's courteous to link back -- and I always do -- but being told a courtesy is *required* of one makes it less of a social pleasntry and more like a monetary deal or something.

Now *I* feel like a dork. Please don't feel bad.