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Merry Something

Seems to me I should brag about how much people love me thank some folks, right about now. :)

Thanks for:

My Secret Slasha story, which, while it's the pairing I least expected anyone to try, worked out surprisingly well. Mind you, it's one of those minimalist narratives that has me scratching my head and trying to figure out how much history I'm supposed to fill in here, but it's poetic and evocative of character and oddly chilling, and I like it. And much thanks as well to katemonkey for organizing the whole shebang and collecting and coding above and beyond the call of duty.

Holiday cards from buffybot (with Xander sticker!), zyre (with pocket Zyre [tm]), miss_edith (with collected Devon photos, and now I must forever stop thinking of buffybot as a blonde...), wordsofastory (with The 12 Days of Wes Visions carol!), thebratqueen (with schmoopy Angel/Wes goodness), wesleysgirl, and wolfling. And the general fun of hanging out with the wes_visions_rpg crew.

Packages and postcards galore from giogio, the Best Minion Ever [tm], including a calendar, two books, assorted chocolates, a Christmas cracker, and tiny candy penii! A Package Of Unknown Content from sarabi (because we're bringing it to Missouri with us so we can open it in front of her). The SIMS Deluxe from wolfling, with which I've been up to Terrible Things [tm] as some folk already know. A Hat of Great Warmth and Much Chocolate from mein zortified, plus the whole just her being her, thing.

Plus all the general holiday wishes that everybody's been spreading over LJ like a huge epidemic of happy sappitude.

And maeyan is a raving bitch, who won't open her Christmas present until mine comes. Open it, dammit! OPEN IT!!!!

<pout> Do not want to go back to work tomorrow. </pout>

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