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journalkitten's Spellcheck Meme

The concept being, type your LJ username into an entry, hit "Spell check entry before posting" and see what LJs spellcheck thinks you really meant.

mpoetess =

poetess (boring, plus, accurate, so what fun is that)
Muppet's (I belong to Gonzo! It's true.)
blahblah lots of short boring easy ones
mopers and pouters

Y'know, journalkitten had lots more fun ones than me. :-P

A propos of nothing:

Stag Night, Paleolithic

Drink deep to Uncle Uglog
That early heroic human,
The first to eat an oyster,
The first to marry a woman.

God's curse on him who murmers
As the banquet waxes moister
"Had he only eaten the woman,
Had he only married the oyster."

--Ogden Nash (I believe)
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