I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch


Bought a new filing cabinet for the office, and a couple of stacky file box things. Perhaps, lo, the brown moving boxes can finally migrate down to the basement box room where they belong.

I call it the box room. I believe it's actually intended for storing unused window screens and dead bodies, but it's not like we use any of the *other* rooms in the house for their intended purpose.

Have friended thefirstevil. Shall probably regret -- unsavoury companions tend to lead to the writing of gay porn. And dancing.

zortified has made the sxandviolence community for talking, linking, gossiping, vidding, ficcing, manipping and otherwise obssessing over Spike/Xander slash. Just so ya know. ;-)

My cats are horrid, and were exceptionally rude to firesweeper while we were away. And I was a flaming bitch all day yesterday. The two are only tangentially related.

Is it lunchtime yet? No, I suspect not.

I could send my SS story out to lists. Or I could answer feedback. Or I could post a Xander tag in therpgthatateoursouls.

eliade has an LJ now. She continues to be more interesting than me, only now I don't have to click elsewhere to see it!
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