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Things I Did With My Weekend

In no particular order:

  • Made icons for sarabi
  • Posted Gunn to domesticpiranha
  • Managed to make... oh at least 2 comment-posts to wes_visions_rpg
  • Did not watch Dead Zone, due to A&E not being USA
  • Did laundry.
  • Admired maeyan's redecoration of dining room.
  • Left home in search of KrispyKreme, found none. Returned with Arby's and Long John Silver's. Almost an acceptable substitute.
  • Worked on fic mit die wolfling
  • Talked mit die zortified
  • Cleaned office (somewhat) -- results: 5 empty fileboxes, full filing cabinet+2 stackyboxes. And a good cubic foot worth of Library Science history down the recycling chute, as it were.

    It's amazing to compare what I currently find valuable (final copies of papers, exam booklets, enough to just about fill one folder) vs. what I thought was worth saving back when I packed it away (pages of handwritten notes, stacks of photocopied handouts, several pounds worth of bound "Class Packet" articles...)

    The articles are out of date, the notes are incomprehensible, and the class benefits are either stored in my head, or faded through lack of use. Saved the written products where appropriate, flicked through the rest and found it singularly useless and somewhat depressing, and pitched it. Fairly happy about that, actually. [This is not to say that I don't still have the textbooks, for those classes that actually had textbooks. Because. Well. *Books*.]

  • Ate pizza with tiny green pepper bits. No ill effects so far. Huzzah. [Am allergic to green peppers. Was hungry and perverse and tempted fate.]
  • Cuddled multiple cats.
  • Helped d_minion to annoy both soulvamp and xander__harris. My work here is done!

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