I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Silly Meme, Because I should Be Doing Other Things

I think I've done this survey before. I'm *old*!


What's on your bedside table: Alarm clock, several books, lamp, large ball candle that I almost never light, hairbands, Q-tips. jewelry, a couple of pictures of Xander (extra pages in a BtVS novelisation; they duplicated some of the pictures in the center).

What is the geekiest part of your music collection: Kingston Trio? The taped-off-Dr.-Demento mix tapes? Crystal Gayle? Strawberry Shortcake, the picture disc? (Not a video disc -- just an LP with art all over both sides.)

What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night: There's never anything *in* our fridge late at night that's safe to eat. Usually chips, which are not in the fridge. Because they get soggy.

What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie: Don't have one, though I tear up at all kinds of stupid shit these days, so you could probably insert 'any' and be correct.

If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done: Yes, let's just skip this question, shall we?

Do you have a completely irrational fear: um. The little girl from The Ring coming to get me while I'm in the shower? I mean, it's definitely been longer than 7 days since I saw the flick. *Peeks out from behind shower curtain...*

What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment: Stroking some sort of fabric with the sides or tops (not tips) of my fingers. It's a sort of "Well obviously I can't suck my thumb here, but damn, I'd like to be" thing.

Do you ever have to beg: You mean, am I ever presented with the opportunity?

Are you a pyromaniac: Eh. Nah. Like playing with it (and wax) at times, but can take it or leave it.

Do you have too many love interests: There's such a thing?

Do you know anyone famous: I know TBQ. She's God. Does that count?

Describe your bed: Wagon-wheel twin bed with a mattress that's so old it's forgotten better days. I need a new one -- bed and mattress both -- just don't want to arrange the lugging and the dumping and the assembling.

Spontaneous or plan: Depends on the company. Advance plans tend to get screwed, when I'm with my college friends, and it takes us hours to decide on spontaneous 'plans.' With fannish folk (at least from my limited experience) spontaneous seems to be the way to go.

Who should play you in a movie about your life: Me. Because there's nobody in TV or movies who looks like me.

Do you know how to play poker: I did once, but no longer.

What do you carry with you at all times: Outside the house? At least my little wallet/purse with ID, credit cards, etc. Watch. Glasses.

How do you drive: When I stop paying attention to the traffic, I tend to slow down, rather than speed up. I am capable of being lead-fotted, though, if the lateness of the hour demands.

What do you miss most about being little: Not a lot. Except for maybe just... being *little*.

Are you happy with your given name: More or less. I used to hate it on me but like it on other girls. I.e., on other girls it sounded small and cute. On me, it sounded whiny and nasal and fat. I seem to be mostly over this neurosis.

What color is your bedroom: White with cherry-walnut doorframes.

What was the last song you were listening to: Um. The theme from whatever anime J. was watching? Last song I consciously listened to in order to listen to music was probably 'Hands' by Jewel. Or something off the same album, because I have the CD in my computer at work.

Have you ever been in a play: Oddly (if you'd met me you'd understand why it's odd), yes. Extra/chorus in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and Chess. Worked sets/props/dresser for several others.

Who are your best friends: maeyan, sarabi-and-Mr.-Sarabi, zortified, wolfing wolfling, K+D, and far too many others. ;-) I need to start alienating people or something.

Have you ever been in love: Probably.

Do you talk a lot: Depends on company and topic of conversation. I often talk a mile a minute if the conversation comes near something I'm interested or know something about, either to amuse people (and impress upon them that I'm not stupid...) or to feel like I have something to contribute. OTOH, if I'm really nervous and don't know people very well -- or am just meeting them in person for teh first time -- I'm often rather quiet and big-eyed.

Do you like yourself and believe in yourself: Sometimes.

Have you ever done any illegal drugs: Not unless you count underage drinking of a whole...um... half a wine cooler or so.

Do you think you're cute: Sometimes.

Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you: What a question. :-( Panhandlers annoy me -- those who have a story that I can tell is a) a lie and b) so well-rehearsed I can picture them going through the process of memorizing it. "I'm just trying to get back to Cleveland; I don't know anybody in town; trying to save up enough for a bus ticket..." Dude, just ask me if I can spare a few bucks; don't insult my intelligence. Also, anybody who approaches a woman, outside, at night. Other than that, no.

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person: Sometimes yes, sometimes definitely not.

Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends: Er? Invalid question? And I would hope that somebody's girlfriend-boyfriend *would* be one of their friends. Otherwise, I worry. *pinches cheeks*
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