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Brain. Office Floor. Melted. Something about a moodset.
Spike mood theme: finished.

To give you an idea of why the brain meltage, I've been working on this verrückte thing since before Seeing Red aired. Several weeks before, since I stopped for a while during that huge upsurge of Spike-related Sturm und Drang.

Is here. Is available, provided you've got your own space to serve it from. Is also installed on my lj, for anybody who wants to see it in action. And my friends page, for variety's sake, though that'll soon go back to being everybody's individual mood icons.

Contains a smattering of images from Season 7, so spoil or don't spoil yourself accordingly. There's probably nothing you haven't seen on someone's userpic already, though.

Oh, and GIP!



2003-01-20 03:25 am (UTC) (Link)

I've uploaded them and made a mental note to update more often while feeling lonely devious or high.

And since MP's brain is currently a little puddle on the floor, I'll just point out to anybody reading this that you'll need to replace "pissed off" with "pissed_off" in "spikemoods.txt" for it to work.

Also that if you're too poor to pay for server space, you can use Geocities to host the images, because that's what I'm doing. You have to fool the server into thinking they aren't image files, by renaming "accomplished.jpg" to "accomplished.txt" etc. Since this involves typing the names of over a hundred images individually into little rename boxes on Geocities, it's only recommended for those who are obsessive fans of both Spike and MP.

Which, of coures, I am, because look at the pretty icons!

Re: Pretty!


2003-01-20 03:35 am (UTC) (Link)

Grr arrrgh! I thougt I'd fixed that. Apparently only in my copy of the spikemoods.txt file, though, not the uploaded one. Sigh. Ah well. The correct version is up now. Sorry you had to make do with the banjaxxed one!