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Brain. Office Floor. Melted. Something about a moodset.
Spike mood theme: finished.

To give you an idea of why the brain meltage, I've been working on this verrückte thing since before Seeing Red aired. Several weeks before, since I stopped for a while during that huge upsurge of Spike-related Sturm und Drang.

Is here. Is available, provided you've got your own space to serve it from. Is also installed on my lj, for anybody who wants to see it in action. And my friends page, for variety's sake, though that'll soon go back to being everybody's individual mood icons.

Contains a smattering of images from Season 7, so spoil or don't spoil yourself accordingly. There's probably nothing you haven't seen on someone's userpic already, though.

Oh, and GIP!


2003-01-20 10:53 am (UTC) (Link)

Wow! Mad P these are just brill. I've never even been tempted by a mood set before, but as soon as I wake up (should be round about next Thursday, *g*) I shall wrestle LJ into letting me use them.

Double delicious faves include:

Confused - Look at his little worry-wrinkled brow. Awww
Ditzy - hee hee
Discontent - "Bloody Hell, puppy for tea again?"
Mischevious - I giggle like a nit-wit whenever I even think of that scene.
Predatory - Mmrrrowwwlll!

They are all just top. So much so that I shall probably rush off right now, holiday hangover notwithstanding, and try to work it out.

Oh, and by the by, is there a chance you could mail me a copy of the pic or cap that 'pessimistic' came from. Total spikehair slut that I am, that is gorgeous.

You rock more than a Big Rock!



2003-01-20 10:39 pm (UTC) (Link)

is the page -- with multiple shots of the Spikehair, including the one w/ciggie from the icon.

And t'anks! (Oh hungover, jetlagged one)


2003-01-24 01:30 am (UTC) (Link)

Thanks sweetie-pie. Gottem!