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versaphile's Fandom Meme

For each fandom, in reverse chronological order...
When: What years were you active in it?
How: How did you find it?
Who: Who was your primary/favorite character?
What: What media did you consume/produce?
History: What kind of fandom was it for you? Anything special about it?

I'm sure I've left something vitally important out (and should check my own bio page to remind myself, but not gonna).

Fandoms I've written in or beta-read for or made icons for or done something vaguely fannish for but am not precisely a fan of (though don't dislike): Cardcaptor Sakura, Pokemon, Inuyasha. Anime fandom (of which I am a sort of in-law via maeyan) perplexes me.

Fandoms I would be in if there were a fandom for it, or would have been in at the time if I'd had access to the fandom or realized there was one: Something Is Out There. Strange Luck. American Gothic (for which I did read some alt-season fic). Remington Steele (I would doubtless have produced only horrible Marysues, so probably best that there wasn't a fandom per se at the time, or I wasn't aware of it.)

Fandoms I've watched and loved and sometimes bought books for and met some of the actors at cons but haven't read (much) fic for and not sure if I should really call them a fandom, for me: SW, all the Treks except Enterprise, The Pretender, Early Edition, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances (Though I've read Onslow/Richard slash O.o )

Actual Fandoms:

Fandom: Firefly
When: 2002 to present
How: Via BtVS/Angel. Joss-worship/hate.
Who: Kaylee? Possibly River.
What: Watched, read fanfic, thought deeply about writing a River/Kaylee (Simon/Mal) fic. Didn't.
History: I wanted so to dislike it, because of Buffy/Angel resentment, but I couldn't manage to. In fact, I'm steamed, because it was the one show that had a chance of getting me out of my "Only Buffy and Angel are worth watching" rut, before Buffy ends and I'm down to one living fandom.

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
When: Eh? I'm still not even sure it's a fandom for me.
How: Friends went gaga. Have attempted gagavision but failed miserably.
Who: Bilbo, frankly.
What: Helped make parody site, starring rocks as Fellowship members. Co-wrote a crackfic. Still haven't seen TTT. Resisting urge to slip "Sam will kill me if I try anything" into domesticpiranha somewhere.
History: Read the Hobbit and saw the animated film years ago. Tried reading TTT also years ago, decided bleh, gave up. FoTR film came out, see above re friends, comma, gaga. Read some fanfic, like it better than memory of Tolkien. Am being stubborn about not trying to read books again.

Fandom: Harry Potter
When: Eh? 2000 to present?
How: Picked up the first book in paperback when I was extremely bored.
Who: When reading? Harry. In fanfic? Percy.
What: Bought/read books, saw the films, co-wrote one story.
History: Minor. Definitely a consumer fandom for me -- and not likely to be more. The writing fandom as a community scares the piss out of me, despite niceness of many HP folk I know personally.

Fandom: Angel
When: Fall 1999 to present
How: Via Buffy
Who: Angel, then Wes
What: Bought some trading cards, own Angel's car in miniature. Wrote much fanfic (co-write more for Angel than solo), main website is BtVS/Angel. Judged in Wes slash awards, designed site for such, multiple RPGs, participated in doomed alt-season project.
History: Major. One of my two current writing fandoms. One of the few things I regularly watch. I don't love it as much as Buffy, though I admit that Angel has some writing strengths that Buffy doesn't (and vice versa).

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
When: Summer 1999 to present
How: Saw film, was amused. Kept hearing things about show, but didn't want to start watching because different actors from the film, different setting, more teen-soapish. I thought. Then I caught summer reruns of Buffy/Faith subtext, and mrowwwr. Hooked.
Who: First Willow, then Spike, now tied between Spike and Xander.
What: Everything. Fic. Websites, comma, multiple. Mailing lists. RPGs. Trading cards, toy cars, cons (Go Buffycon!), far too much free time.
History: Major. I've met most of my online friends here, and deinitely the best ones. Had the most fun and the most angst and shall probably have extreme psychological problems when the series ends.

Fandom: The X-Files
When: 1994 to... eh... 2000?
How: Saw "Three" (the first vampires episode, when Scully was still kidnapped.) Was intrigued, though we'd been avoiding the show based on the original silly "Based on true stories" promos
Who: Scully and Mulder. Shipper all the way.
What: Watched faithfully, saw the film, bought magazines, posters, read endless fanfic, wrote one medium-crappy MSR and several marysue-ish snippets. Wanted the action figures but was never quite willing to part with the cash. Happy about that now.
History: Major, once. Rather disgusted with it now (though, still, pretty, pretty people.) Lost the love somewhere late Season 5, hung on through Season 6, gave up when Mulder got abducted. Bah.

Fandom: Doctor Who
When: 1984(?) to present
How: Was always sort of vaguely aware of it, but caught an ep in the summer of my...hm. 6th grade year? Was intrigued, got hooked. *Way* hooked.
Who: The Doctor, Romana, Ace
What: Everything. All the available eps. (Lost some of my late Hartnells and early Troughtons to a fellow fan who borrowed a slew of tapes to copy, didn't return those particular ones, and hared off into the wild blue yonder before I could tell him so. (It took months for me to figure out that those tapes were missing, given the sheer volume of them.) Damn you, Jason. Except you roped me into my first con, so I guess you're forgiven. Magazines. Novelizations. The entire run of New Adventures novels (including the post-Doctor adventures-of-Benny-Summerfield ones) and many of the subsequent BBC novels. Bought several fanzines, read much online fic. Not much in the way of toys, though I do have a DAPOL Dalek named Percy, aka Sparky. Hung at rec.arts.drwho for quite a while in late college/early gradschool, then alt.drwho.creative and The House At Allen Road for a bit after that. Any fic written is a) incomplete b) will *never* see the light of print. I did write some fannish poetry, though, which I'm still rather fond of; one ended up in a pretty good (though tiny) zine.
History: Once major, now dormant, though the love is still there. I got bored with the online fandom community after a while, since I wasn't writing fic and didn't want to read the same arguments about whether the Doctor should ever have sex, how an asexual Doctor was really an emotional plus for gay fans (I get the argument, but frankly find it silly in retrospect, as a slasher and bi fan), whether the TV movie ruined the fandom, whether Dave Yadallee (an...interesting...poster on radw) was really the anti-Christ... Got bored with the BBC novels once they'd gone past any companions I could bring myself to care about, and futzed with the Doctor's backstory so much that I couldn't keep track and didn't want to try. The show's been off the air for 13 years now; it's hard to maintain active interest.
I did meet my best offline friends through the show, though -- maeyan and her roomie bonded over it during freshamn orientation, then later sat down at my lunch table because Q knew me from World Lit and I was wearing A DW t-shirt, I believe. I met sarabi in Chorus, but we bonded over Who-Love, and
K through maeyan (6 Degrees of Who, ditto K and sarabi's husbands).

Fandom: The Last Unicorn
When: 1983? 1984? to present
How: Saw the film. End of story.
Who: Molly Grue
What: Saw the film, fell in love. Later read the book and fell in love again, then read almost everything else Peter S. Beagle has ever written. I actually like Folk of the Air slightly more than TLU, but it's not a fandom per se. Unless it's a fandom of one. Wrote one short Last Unicorn fic. Am breathlessly awaiting live action film.
History: Since I haven't communicated in any way with whatever passes for the online TLU community, just posted one fic and scoured the earth for good screencaps (almost nonexistant), I'd have to say minor, despite my abiding love.

Fandom: Comics (Yes, I'm lumping many huge fandoms into one designation)
When: 1983? 1984? to ... 2000-ish
How: Fell for early New Mutants issues in a big way. Spread from there to other X-Books, and there to other companies.
Who: Illyana Rasputin. Rachel Summers. Katchoo and Francine. Neil Gaiman's Death.
What: Purchased zillions of comics. Wrote ye olde unpublished marysue crap, invented my own original teams then never wrote anything about them. Traced and adapted untold scenes from Xbooks for said teams. Read some fanfic (mostly gen), never wrote any.
History: Got depressed right around the time I started watching Buffy (well, just *before* that) and lost interest in most of the Xbooks. Was better on my pocketbook that I did so. Sandman had ended, I was ho-hum on the remaining Vertigo titles, Kabuki was a vague slashy fascination for me, that faded. The only thing I still collect is Strangers in Paradise, and even that is a) beginning to annoy me with Terry Moore's funky history resets b) something I only pick up in TPB form now, when I realize I need to catch up.
Books I followed at one time or another: New Mutants, X-Men (Uncanny and otherwise), Alpha Flight (Northstar! Whee! Sulky gay bastard!), X-Force, Cable, Mutant X, Generation X, X-Man, Wolverine, any limited series I could find featuring X-characters. Sandman, The Dreaming, Anything With Death-the-character In It, Hellblazer, Books of Magic, House of Mystery, Hellraiser (it was a Phase), Kabuki, Strangers In Paradise.

Fandom: Dukes of Hazzard
When: 1979 to..um? Present?
How: First Favoritest Show Ever. Whan a tiny poetess.
Who: Bo
What: Watched, devoured, cried when Bo & Luke left, disliked Coy & Vance. Discovered Remington Steele just in time to not be too sad that DoH ended. Pretended (along with every other kid on the block) that my bike was the General Lee. Learned how to slide in and out of the window of my grandparents' Chrysler Cordova. ;-) Had a General Lee matchbox car (and a Wrist Racer!) and wrote scads of marysueish snips that mostly dn't exist any longer, thank god. In latter years, read some fic, and wrote an Angel/Dukes slash crossover, with zortified.
History: Once major, now nostalgia. If there'd been a fandom back then that I'd had contact with, I would've been in it. It's utterly cheesy, but it was my First Big Love, and I stand by it.

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