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*looks nervously in all directions*

That current fic projects thing:

With wolfling:

The next Paving Stones story -- working on it as time and braindeadness allow

Angel/Wes sniffy story -- um. right. need to get back to that.

The S/X that was supposed to be cicirossi's birthday present -- seems to have wilted, mostly due to me and my issues with this particular type of situtaion and Xander's reaction to it post-Seeing Red. Though it could probably still be worked into something if we put a mind to it.

With zortified:

domesticpiranha -- ongoing. Currently my tag.

Andi -- yes. right. I really really really wanna work on this.

Percy sequel -- ? I'm not necessarily averse to trying it again (it got partially eaten by the Great Multiple Hard Drive Collapse) but I think we need a clearer plot from the start.

Xander's wedding flip a coin thing -- er... That could actually still work as an AU, instead of an 'about to be Jossed' if we took into account what did happen in Hell's Bells.

Drain-bamaged S -- will probably just exist quietly in my brain forever, since it's so similar in some plot details to Repossession and even the ones that aren't may be too heavy on the h/c to really release unto the world.

With maeyan:

Well, there was that Hook/Pan thing. Which lies lonely on the shelf, and without having written a word I know our thoughts on it have already diverged into separate AU's!


Chocolatey Goodness: bwhahahahahaah.

Getting Bent: Might be able to get a few more stories out of the concept before it comes up against the 'other people have rewritten S4 already and I don't really have a plotline that will diverge significantly from what they've done' problem. Mostly stalled because the big gag of the next-after-this story hinged on the title. Which was 'Seeing Red.' Thank you, Joss.

Human Condition: Maybe? Sometimes I think it may be my post-CG long story that I'll look back on and be proud of, if I get off my ass and do it. Other times I think it'll fall into so many cliches and badfic black holes -- or be tarred with the same brush -- that I shouldn't even attempt continuing it.

Jeez, I sound depressed and ficless. Really, I'm not. mostly
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