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I'm gonna stop titling these...

And just say 'see previous entry.' At least I managed to last to lunchtime before the back started doing the spasm dance.

May I say, I heart Maeyan? She brought me lunch. Yummy fish, warmish fries, nasty sweet&sour sauce (but now I know, and will never try the cafeteria's version again, and anyway, there was plenty of ketchup) and blueberry cheescake pie. Yes, cheesecake pie. Pie crust, cheescake filling, layer of blueberries and syrup, then a cream-cheese frosting. cheescake-pie-cake?

Anyway, I heart my rooomie.

And I'm going through my friends list. Actually adding some people. Problem is, I don't want so many people on the list that I miss their posts because one or two prolific posters (cough *Rose* cough) fill up the page so quickly. Hey, my own fault for adding her -- she certainly didn't ask me to, and barely knows who I am. But she's so entertaining, and I get fic snippets every day, and art links, and to have an idea what the hell is going on in the anime and RPG slash world. Sigh. I don't wanna delete her. Not gonna. Nyah.
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