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Buffy thought -- re The Killer In Me

Am I nuts in thinking the title (and indeed plot points) in this ep refer to or at least echo lines from the Dingoes/4-Star Mary song Pain? (Loaded up my gun/ there's a killer in me...)

I was rather hoping (from knowing the title and some of the subject matter in advance) that the Continuity Fairy might bless us with a reference to Oz in the Willow/Kennedy conversation in the Bronze. They did talk about romantic history after all, and it wouldn't have been out of plotline for Willow to say "I had a boyfriend before Tara, and I cared for him, but she opened my eyes to something much bigger, yadda yadda." And/or the song itself playing in the Bronze, with no more scripty acknowledgement than a smile or a wry look from Willow.

Not really complaining that it wasn't there -- I have far too many legitimate gripes with this ep to be so ridiculous as that. Just saying, would've been cool, and it seems like they missed out on something. Or thought of doing it and decided not to, mayhap.


2003-02-07 05:48 am (UTC) (Link)

Actually, yes. Oz has been spoken of -- favorably -- both in S5 and this season. Xander said his name all of two eps ago, saying to Dawn that he could fit Oz in his shaving kit, but Oz still had the werewolf mojo going for him as a fighter of evil. (In comparison to powerless Xander and Dawn.) Xander's mentioned Oz in S5 as well, when they were talking about building a robot girlfriend and none of the girls seemed to understand Xander's sympathy with Warren. Xander says "I miss Oz. Oz would get it. He wouldn't say anything, but he'd get it."

I can see why ME wouldn't want to confuse the relationshps issue any more with Willow, though personally I think mentioning Oz while discussing Willow's sexuality could only make a muddy, much-contested situation *clearer* -- but given the way Willow and Oz parted (not over his werewolfness, but over the fact that she had fallen in love with Tara while he was gone, and they hug, imply that they'll still care about each other forever, yaddayadda) I've never got the impression he was in the Bad Boyfriend category.