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Bring It On^H^H^H^H^H ^H^H ^H^H "Get It Done"

Buffy 7x15, and tiny spoiler for last week's Angel.

Reactions In Realish Time

There is no Chloe. There is only the kill. [Brain: "There is only Kate Mulgrew..." Curse you, thefirstslayer. Curse you!]

It's my bone! Look, Spike has a personality. Hee! Whee!

(Except no, honey, it's Anya's bone too. As it were. Much as the screaming public considers you hot shit, you might consider that someone you've actually slept with? Deserves not to be treated like the Watcher who wrote her thesis on you and blushes when you wink, when she comes on to you. However awkwardly.)

Hellmouth tends to heat up around May? Reaction 1: Heeheeheeheehee. Reaction 2: Actually cool explanation for an observable phenomenon. Reaction 3: Except meta much? It's an observable phenomenon that doesn't *need* a metacrunchy explanation, because the *actual* explanations for each time the Hellmouth has heated up in May, don't need whipped topping. Especially whipped topping that comes awfully close to breaking my mental fourth wall.

Hee. Oven mitts. Big board. Ok, I love Andrew. He may be my weak amoral gay boyfriend. [Er, after fic!Spike.]

Heeee! Beat him off! Heeee! "Perhaps 'repelled him' would be a better phrase." Uh, yeah. You just keep saying that. You know, you'd be awfully cute if Angelus swung that way...

Wanna take bets on when the first Spike/Wood slash hits the newsstands?

Dawn! I'm loving Dawn! This is odd.

[Insert gasp here, except I'm spoiled, so there wasn't one. Except I thought it would be later in the episode.]

Gritting teeth. I would *like* to dislike Buffy here, and if I thought she were 100% serious, I would -- but I think she's doing what Kennedy wasn't - actually motivating them, vs. playing at General. Actually, I *do* dislike her, but it's an emotional reaction, and intellectually, I think she's doing the right thing, in this case.

The problem is, I understand why this is *supposed* to be necessary, but the First Evil still hasn't impressed me. It's Not Freaking Scary. Ghost!Chloe? Not scary. Can talk a sensitive, scared teenage girl to death? So can Cosmopolitan Magazine. Not scary.

Spike's going to get the coat. Weehoo! Which of course will be Bad Moon Rising with Wood.

Gah. Coat. New York. Gah. They have chemistry, dammit.

Look! It's Spike vs. Predator!

Hi, Black Eyed Girl. Check it out -- there's absolutely no purpose in all your preparing, because they're sending Buffy back anyway. But, y'know. Spike put the coat back on. So it's all good.

Ok. I still think Kennedy has absolutely no personality aside from negative character traits that we're supposed to think are positive, but if her purpose is to show us that what Willow is, is NOT a fairytale, I may be good with it.

Look, it's an army of Uruk Hai Turok Han!

Still not scary. And what, they've been under Sunnydale all this time and no one picked up on them? Sigh. Proximity of Hellmouth... Except, well... if that were true then those demon-locating spells like the one Willow and Tara Anya did, would they work at all? Unless the Uruk Hai Turok Han are *in* the Hellmouth...

I likee. Wood/Spike. I'm just sayin. And the Anya/Spike dialogue was hilarious. [UC!Shipper!Amy: "No, it wasn't! It was awful! It implies that Spike is absolutely totally unendingly hung up on Buffy, even though she's said it's over and we know it's not and argh SpuffySpuffySpuffy...garrrr..." *SMACK!* *THUD!*] As I was saying. I'm liking Spike again. Never stopped loving him, but he's unboring again. Yay!

And Willow was good, and actually taking some responsibility. Which makes her scarily hot. "This is what I am." Thankyou. Thankyou so much.

And Anya provides much-needed sarcasm indeed. And at least Xander remembers that's supposed to be his job, even if he hasn't actually been given the lines to perform it in the last few years. I hug Xander now. That's the news and I am outta here.

Edited because it's nice when the entire post shows up. Closing quotes are a good thing.

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