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I'm not looking for your answers; darlin' can't you see -- just to know the questions is good enough for me... ~ The Wheel, Roseanne Cash

So, er, after going through a gazillion levels of poll I found out people actually *had* asked me questions. Go figure. ;-) Thanks rubywisp for making me figure that out...

Questions here.

kaytee4ever: Not really. I'm terrible with original settings, because I'm not... original. I recognise their fanfic influences (or rather, the fact that they're thinly disguised fanfic) and tend to discard them before they're very detailed at all. The closest I've ever come is a sort of kids' paradise village where they all live without adults, and each has their own story and shop or place to sleep and thing to do. It's not really a paradise, though, because they're alone and sometimes miss the real world and people they know, and they're scared, but it's a place they've escaped to. The twist being, it all exists in the mind of a girl with DID, and all the children are her own alters, the stories all fantasy variations on and splinters of her own story.

giogio: It's in my house...er... somewhere. Currently not sure where. My mother has never visited my house; if she did, I'm sure she'd be shocked by it, and I'm sure I'd be amused. maeyan's mother has seen, perused, lingered fondly over, and approved of it, however!

catmoran: Hmm. Butterflies? Or ladybugs.

zortified: Yeah, but I still love you.

bonibaru: Cute! But shhh, don't tell anyone I told you. We've been keeping it from you lest the knowledge turn you into a BNF.

minitrog: Bad Trog! Um, maybe. At some point. After I've watched *all* of B7 again and probably after BtVS ends. (Though my original premise was pre-souled Spike, so...)

ahestele: No, but I'm Lebanese; does that count? [cue rimshot, and no, I'm not really Lebanese] Seriously, theoretically I am sideless. Equal opportunity employer chick.

lasayla: I have to quote the question here, for reference. Which would you rather do, or go fishing? I would definitely rather comma than go fishing. One fulfills my deep English Majory needs, resulting in editorgasm, the other involves doing sharp pointy things to a poor defenseless worm.

sihaya09: Reallytruly? I think the bit in Doomed where Xander pulls Spike up off the school library floor and drag/support/carries him out of the room.

thamiris: It's a curse. Or an addiction. Or a home. possibly all of the above.

karenbear: Like almost everyone else, mute. Death is not an option, blind would be awful, deaf not so bad but my lipreading is terrible. Mute, I could work with.

wordsmithslash: You mean, in what's actually written? Or in my plotting of it? In the series, no, not yet. In plotting, he would/will in the next story.

greensage: Thanks! They're both from paintings by John William Waterhouse. I did a bunch of Waterhouse icons, free for use of public, a couple of entries back, if you feel like perusing. The rosebuds painting is actually called Gather Ye Rosebuds, and the crystal ball is... er... Crystal Ball, I believe.

zyre: To ascertain the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

kestrelct: No; hell, one of my favorite written-by-me fics was inspired by a nightmare which itself was kind of inspired by a combination of BtVS, someone else's fic, and general doldrums. Plus, nightmares don't really bother me; they're usually good brain fodder, and are some of the few dreams I remember these days. Now if a fic/movie/book makes me *afraid* to go to sleep/turn off the lights....

maeyan: Possibly; depends on if it snows, dunnit!

jadelennox: Not at the moment; I am in a catless place. :-(

narcolepticcat: Erg. The answer *is* kind of, now. If not now.... hrrm. The future, dammit!

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