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Variations on a Theme

zyre has declared it to be buy someone a paid account day. I think this is a damn good idea; did you know that 92% of LJ users are free users? If you can, treat somebody to a few months of paid account time; there's a damn good chance they'll get hooked and start digging around to find the cash to keep it up.

Speaking of that cash, five bucks. Two months. Did you eat at McDonald's last night? Have enough around to eat there tonight? Congratulations, you have enough to start a paid account. Which led to thebratqueen re-christening it Oh for fuck's sake, it's only $2.50/month Day .

Me? I think we should have a Buy Paid Time For Someone You Don't Like Day. You get karma points for being nice to them, and it drives them nuts trying to figure out who did it.

Edit: Yo, joke, dudes. Or at least, I didn't mean there should be a *day*, so people think you're anonymously insulting them. I meant, if you can't think of anybody on your friends list, pick someone who isn't, who annoys you. Perk up your sense of being a good person, because the victim feels good, you feel good, and you can quietly feel just a tiny bit sadistic while you watch them try to figure out who's responsible.

In other news, note to self: the chili mac is not your friend. It may pretend to like you, enticing you with appetizing scents and promises of rich, hearty flavour, but it is not your friend. It hates you, and it wants to hurt you.
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