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ROFL! In a good way. No Freedom Fries.
emony has made a Xandrew vid to Blame It On the Bossa Nova that rocks like a most sweet and funny rocking thing.

I need a Xandrew icon, I do. I should make one. Except like the Mad Hatter's tea party, no room! No room!

(Deleted comment)


2003-03-12 07:08 am (UTC) (Link) has some very slashy vids -- and the quality is excellent. "Laid" rocks (X/S) and so does the Angel/Spike section of Country Cavalcade. There's also some Angel/Lindsey, and Angel/Spike vids, and even the gen vids are great.

Haha. Hahahha.


2003-03-12 10:47 am (UTC) (Link)

I especially like the little addition of the "We Are As Gods" bit at the end. Hee. I love that. I really do. Thanks for sharing!

I was so going to ask you something, and then I forgot. Bugger.

It'll come back to me. Oh....right. I remember. But it's an email question, so I'll email you. *grin*

Meanwhile, Hi! Hee!