I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

E-Mail Note --

For whatever reason, lycos isn't receiving randomly-chosen e-mails today. (And yesterday.) I seem to be getting LJ comments ok, and have been receiving squidge-based listmail, but nada for yahoogroups, hotmail, tbq's server. So... Til I get some answer from lycos on what's happening, might be best to send e-mail to boethius @ jbx.com. (i.e. for the weekend at least)

Likewise if you sent me mail last night or today and I haven't answered it (robintcj, I got yours, and yes, I can make a manip, but probably not until tomorrow) you might want to re-send to boethius, or comment here, or catch me in irc, etc.

And viveydoll, if you actually happen to look at this, we're on our way; we may be a tad late.
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