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LJ peoples meme

Bleh, tummy hurts; curse you, Jamocha shake, with your tempting lactose! Need a nap, can't concentrate. It's taken me 2 hours to make the same tiny change to both mine and wolfling's websites. But I did manage to get out of the house today; went to Value Village -- bought nothing. Drove to the back of beyond to find the nearest Goodwill, and found what I wanted: a large suitcase with wheels, so I don't have to continue being jealous of wolfling's. And some shoes. And a cute surprise pressie for someone. Total spent: $7.95. Yeha, baby. Then there was shrimp and Jamocha, and now there is tummyache. Anyway.

gacked from cicirossi, among others.

Person that introduced you to LJ?

zortified, more or less. She mentioned her journal in an e-mail, I read, I liked the system, I got my own. (This was before codes were required.) So as usual, it's all James' fault.

Still friends with this person?

No, I hate her with the fiery passion of a thousand burning jalapeno peppers The answer will be left as an exercise for the student.

Who have you introduced to Live Journal?

maeyan, firesweeper, sarabi, kjwagner, witchwillow, robintcj, leoff (in a roundabout fashion), kdorian, othercat, sihaya09, {edit because I'm a dope}, [Bad username: giogio.]List everyone on your friends list you have met in person:</i>

maeyan, firesweeper, sarabi, kjwagner, and viveydoll are family; I knew them all before LJ ever existed.

I've met zortified, wolfling, thebratqueen, nakedwesley, loreleif, indalia, latxcvi, shrift, minotaurs, versaphile, and zvi_likes_tv. Several of these meetings were at Connexions last year, and a couple were of the "Wave from across the room and not necessarily be properly introduced" variety, but they count. So there.

List everyone on your friends list you've not met BUT with whom you've spoken on the phone:

Nobody; the only people I've spoken on the phone with are folks I'd previously known/met.

Anyone on LJ you can't stand?

Bah; stupid question. It invites either rudeness, disingenuousness, or passive-aggressiveness.

Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet:

thete1. Or benaresq. kaytee4ever. Or eliade. Or...

Name LJ friends you're probably going to meet within the next few years:

(See, I didn't count these people above because I *know* I;m going to be meeting them.)

journalkitten, wesleysgirl (and DH and Boy), byrne, zyre, stakebait, miss_edith, buffybot, kita0610 (at Buffycon?), and very likely verdandi and viedma if they're still planning on going to ConneXions. And many many more...

Last person you added?

bigcanoepolly! loreleif's mum. Who I came close to meeting when I was last in Georgia, but we didn't end up getting over to their house, sadly.

Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal?


Biggest pet peeve about LJ?

Lack of customer service training for the volunteer staff. Yes, there's a lot of idiots who give them crap and act like 2 year olds, but at the same time, brusque or snarky answers to legitimate questions by non-idiots don't help the overall impression of LJ as an amateur enterprise that decided to go pro, but doesn't know how to *be* a business.

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