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Thursday Night (Which is hardly a subject line...)
It's technically Friday morning, and I'm sitting in the office looking out the back window, and it's going to storm. Lightning, somewhere off towards downtown. Which is really 'somewhere in the west' and I might as well say 'somewhere off towards California' for all I know where the lightining's really striking. Just that I can see it, flashing outside the window every so often, and there's thunder, too. Not very close.

No rain, though. Just wind sound, which could be plane sound, too, since they fly over the whole city, heading for the airport on the west side.

Somebody's car in the alley, making engine noises. Stuck? Like I'm going out there at 12:30 in the morning in this neighborhood to find out.

It's nice. It's weird, but it's nice. Up late, not doing what I was going to do because I wandered off on a web-tangent, listening to the wind and the sound of the CPU making its silly fan-noises.

Kinda makes me wish I could set up the pC in the back yard, under the carport, and just sit out there in the wind, and type, like I used to go climb the willow tree in the back yard at home and read. Yeah, it got uncomfortable after about ten minutes, but at least that was ten minutes of something suitably nostalgia-inducing, fifteen years later!