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Welcome back
to James, whenever she wakes up from post-pledge stupor. It's over., the next one. Which is when, the end of November?

In honor, I play peppy bagpipe music, until the fair one awakens. which might, of course, be tomorrow, but hell, it's a long CD.

I also send chocolate. Or possibly booze. I'm still trying to find something appropriate.

OTOH, in another window, I have the next chapter of CG, which I need to go back through and tone down until Spike doesn't sound both all-knowing and completely girly at the same time. I think many deep thoughts about it while the file isn't open. Then I look at it and go, 'Arrrgh.'

But still, it's *written*. I woke them up. SO what if it needs to be *re* written. At least I did it.

And I will *not* be pissy because we didn't win anything in the Undead Awards. 142 people voted. 142.

But... 3/4 of the winning writers in the slash categories were A/S writers. "The Deal" won for other character slash -- but that's because Angel was purposely left out of the equation. In the categories where things were left wide open, it seemed to be A/S or het stories, every time.

I just. Arrgh. You know, I want it to not be about who knows who, but I can't see forcing people who don't like to read X/S to read it, so... What's the solution? We're a fandom with about 700 members just on NT, but for the most part, it seems like A/S, and lately, W/G, are the focal points of the BtVS slash community.

I'm retreading old ground, and not writing. I know. It's that 'Big Kids' thing again. I look at Jess and Donna and Spirit and Maayan and Te as the 'adults' in the BtVS slash fandom, and keep thinking most of them look at Xanderslash with a sort of pat-on-the-head attitude. "And someday you too shall move on to more mature things, but really, luv, you show promise..."

And DOOUL won for best AU? Arrgh.

It's a damn fine series, and I wouldn't bat an eye if it won best story -- period. But best AU? The *only* AU in it is that Angel and Spike are a couple. Isn't the *point* of having an AU category to reward creativity in designing an alternate universe? I know Donna and Jess label it AU, as in, obviously it's more or less modern, but doesn't pay attention to the canon at all -- it's just these two vamps living together and fucking and fighting and loving-- but..

Did I miss something, with the category intent, or did the voters?

Sigh. Remember -142 people voted, Amy. I'm not saying it wasn't a good idea -- just that it wasn't publicized enough, or in the right places. And possibly the nomination period lasted too long, and people forgot about the awards.

And SFCA has died, hasn't it. Because one too many people flamed the administrators, and nobody wants to touch it now.



I don't even know why I'm pissed. It's just a sort of free-floating pisiness that, if I'm called on any of the things I seem to be pissy about, I'll readily admit that I have no leg to stand on.


2001-10-20 06:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Undead Awards? Shrug. Not well publicized indeed. I never heard about them that I know of. And Spike and Xander writers are not immature. *Sticks out lower lip and stomps floor* ;-) You, along with James and Wolfling, are the ones who kept me interested in Buffy, even when I got sick to death of the rest of the fandom for awhile. *tosses chocolate at your feet* Don't let it get to you ;-)


2001-10-22 07:15 am (UTC) (Link)

We could always hold a S/X awards thingy. Though someone did a Xander fic award site, didn't they?

Anyhow...think of how much trouble it is to organise fic awards, and think of how much you'd rather be working on Domestic Pirahnas or Percy slash.

Er. choccies? Booze? Yea!


2001-11-04 06:16 pm (UTC) (Link)

Maayan, who had created the Undead awards, left the fandom in, like, July. That's why there were only 142 voters, plus no publicity, etc.

I do see where there is a decided lack of S/X awards out there in a general contest now that the SFCA sort of went pfft. It's extremely hard to get cross-ship competition going mostly because there aren't a lot of cross-ship readers. I know I read Spike/Angel, /Xander, /Wesley, and /Buffy, but I don't read any of the other pairings out there (not A/X, A/W, X/anyone but Spike, either).

I don't think I'd want a just Xander/Spike competition because, for me, it'd be impossible to choose between everyone.

Ugh. Awards suck.
(though I still won Best Poem for Random Patterns. Snerk.)


awards in general


2001-12-27 04:00 am (UTC) (Link)

Having run a few awards, (admittedly not as well as I would have liked) I can honestly say we've got ALL the categories wrong. If you have people voting, you're delivering the most POPULAR award, not the BEST. An obvious point, but not one I've seen clarified anywhere. The Undead Awards were intended to span an awful lot of genres within the fandom, but since Maayan lost interest in Buffy generally, as Saber said, there was nothing to promote it at all. And since I haven't won so much as a lollypop for anything since January, despite being horribly awre that I've improved, I wouldn't stress at all. Recc's are the way of the future - much more gratifying to know that ONE person wants OTHER people to know about your fic and thinks they should be reading it. Or maybe I'm just joining the, "wah, you bastards" brigade. And hon, I wasn't even nominated once in the Undead Awards...