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Just for anybody who stumbles this way after not being able to access my website: yes, I know it's down. The whole server, except for the main business interface, is down. No, I don't know when it'll be back up. No, there's nothing I can do about it except wait for it to come back up. No, you're not going to get a different answer if you e-mail me two days from now (actually since I'll be out of town, you won't get an answer at all) -- it'll be up when it's up. Yes, I'm frustrated too. :)

This goes for Pointy Stakes, S/X & Violence, Wolfling's Lair, and Gila's Cave -- they're all on jbx.com.

If you're looking for stories from those sites, in the interim, you can find them in the following archives:

HDMK (S/X archive)

Between those sites, you should be able to find pretty much all of our BtVS and Angel stories, just by looking under author name.

HDMK specifically has all of CG under my name, all of Sands of Time except for the most recent (still WIP) story under James, and Domestic Piranhas through Gauntlet under both names.

UCSL has the remaining DP stories and all of Small Fry/Son of, under James and MP, all of Paving Stones under MP and Wolfling, most of Wolfling's and James and my solo stories under our individual names.

Fredful and the solo-Spike stories (what we have, never get it, rock and a hard place) can be found in my memories under LJ-written fics. James' DP Cordy story is in her gilascave LJ as well as a brief DP S/X interlude and any number of snippets that may or may not have made it onto her website in the first place.

Wolfling and TBQ's Million Miles Away series can be found on TBQ's site.

Is this everything we have ever written in this fandom? Proboboboboally not, but it's a damn good shot at it.
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