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Website Files Update

I have webspace, btw -- I keep forgetting to mention this and lovely people keep offering! lori, who is absolutely wonderful, has already set me up with space on hawksong, plus I have the new slashcity account, currently hosting...um. Icons. Possibly hosting S/X and Violence in the future -- unsure.

So - files: minitrog has pulled my arse almost completely from the fire, thanks to her offline cache of almost my entire site. I luff her more than human language can describe. zyre, rubywisp, lovessong, and Stefanie H. also found and sent files to me, some of which weren't in Trog's cache because they weren't directly linked to on a Pointy Stakes page. Luff abounds. Luff is all around us. Lu... Oh, yeah, I was saying something that didn't sound completely drunken. What was it?

Oh, right --

what I'm still missing, for anybody who might be still looking:


The Domestic Piranhas honeymoon page, and all of the popup files. Trog's cache didn't catch that because it was in a subfolder. I have the story itself, though, so I can always re-create the page without the multi-media links.

The Angel/Wes manip with Angel leaning over Wesley's shoulder and sniffing his hair (that became one of TBQ's Xmas icons). I have a smaller version of it -- the thumbnail -- but not the full pic.

BtvS Icons (that I couldn't retrieve from Pretty Pieces of Paper because they're, dur, not there):

Most of the Buffyverse "She's Always a Woman" icons.

The Spike/Dru "Goodbye Eyes" songset. Though some of those may be buried on my own hard drive, since I have a vague memory of saving the photoshop file with all the layers.

All of the "Slash is My Anti-Drug" icons.

The Willow/Oz set (very little hope of finding these, I suspect.)

Non-Buffy icons:

Almost all of the Waterhouse icons

The "celebrate big women" icons posted in iconsensual.

Non-Pointy Stakes things:

Wolfling's site graphics. The site itself is easily reconstructible from google, and she doesn't have a gallery, but the page headers and buttons/banners have to be replaced.

The S/X and Violence site graphics/banners and anything that came out of the gallery, except wallpapers. There's not a lot of graphics, luckily, so if they have to be recreated or removed, there won't be too much of a problem. Mostly looking for the things from the general and nc-17 galleries.

The Wes Slash Contest page graphics. Alas, nobody's likely to have this, I suspect. Then again, I may be able to salvage those from a disk, as they were definitely created while traveling between computers.

And I believe that's the lot -- the rest would be various files that were never posted on a page, just linked to from lj or such, which it's a shame to see go (assuming jbx doesn't come back up) but won't affect getting the sites back up.

Y'all have been absolutely wonderful with helping find things -- my gratitude is endless.
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