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[Insert meaningless subject line here]
Sign that you need to go to bed: having just overwritten your fic index page with the CG index page. Which means you will now have to re-do all the changes you made to the 2 month old cache copy. Bah. In the morning. edit Or you could have copies of both open on your bloody desktop the whole time... Sigh. Upload/upload/upload/Bed.

Sign that you are too fannish, or possibly just a nutter:

Brain: You know that song that's been going through your head for the last week?
Me: Cara Mia? Yeah. What about it?
Brain: It'd make a great songvid! Or icon songset! You should do it!
Me: [ignores utter lack of songvidding experience or talent and goes straight to the important bit] About what character? Dawn?
Brain: No, moron, about [insert fellow fan here].
Me: O.o | Uh, were you hoping to find footage of her on kazaa? Or just ask her to send you home movies?
Brain: Hey, look, on the desk! Chocolate!

Which on examination, might also be a sign of needing to go to bed.


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Yeah, I would say that means sleepy-time!


2003-04-27 10:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

Brain: Hey, look, on the desk! Chocolate!

*giggling* wheeeeeee! so cute ;)

*pounce hugs*