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Courtesy Call

G; no spoilers, but a minor-character eeeep warning. This week's sunday100: "A woman is talking on the telephone. She has car keys in her hand."

Usually it's ring and blink and come get him, please. Welcome smear of disgust across the words. Welcome, because it's not that other voice, that starts with sorry, ma'am.

Scotch at home tonight, though. Safe for both of them-- she hid his keys. Safe in the drawer beneath her magazines, where he never looks.

Safe in her hand, when ring and blink and, "Yes?"

"Ma'am?" And then his name.

"No, he's..." Not sleeping. Must have stumbled to the bathroom.

"Ma'am, I'm..."

Keys. "You don't understand; I have his--" Metal bites her palm. She looks.

Her keys. Hers.

"Mrs. Harris?"




And did y'all know that MSWord thinks "--" is a word, if you don't have it attached to the end of the previous word? Given how "--" happy I am, god only knows how many stories have a different wordcount than I thought they did.