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When Planning Your Vacation...

Some hapless production staffer at Fox 59 News made my morning, really he did.

I paraphrase:

"Indianapolis," says co-anchor Angela Ganote as I watch this morning while putting on my shoes, "has hired a PR firm from New York to 'help build the city's national and international image." [Insert downtown shots and quote from tourism bureau director here.]

"When residents of Chicago, Detroit, and Louisville were polled asking if they planned to vacation in Indianapolis within the next year, they said..." she continues, while the screen shows graphics of... a bullet-pointed list: "Cancel Your HBO, Update your Car Insurance, and Rid Yourself of Unwanted E-mail*."

Presumably the things that they thought were more important (or fun) than vacationing in Indianapolis.

Cut to Cody Stark absolutely cracking up, head buried in his hands. Back to Angela, who twitches the corner of a smirk but then picks it up smoothly enough, while maeyan and I are too gone into hysterics ourselves to catch the actual poll results.


*This is maeyan's memory of the last item; I suspect it may be a misremember based on that being the next feature story, but I'll take what I can get, since I can't remember it myself. (Oh, and I was right, maeyan -- former sports director, and weatherman.)
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