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Sites Back Up

In addition to Pointy Stakes, Wolfling's Lair and Gila's Cave (not that I'm responsible for rescuing the last one -- that's perian's work) being back up, S/X and Violence is now up and running again, and so is The Wes Slash Contest site.

Anyone who may have submitted stories to the Wes Slash contest while the site was down (through the month of April, basically) will need to send them in again, since we also don't have access to the e-mail account that went with the jbx.com site.

And that, I believe, is that. All the sites from jbx are back up in other places - minus a few features in a couple of instances, but basically complete.

Now I'm going to Disney World be free to beta Adiago and read Fluffidy Kitten Contest stories. And continue to make mad faces at TBQ.
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