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Was bored, went surfing for interesting slashy journal entries or rants, and -- okay, I'm not laughing at them. Them, I love. I'm laughing at myself. Because I've been so damn jealous of Days of Our Unlives, admiring and the same time bitchy because of my whiny ongoing rants about darkfic being more important and humourous fic being either immature or a sideline...

And all along, Donna and Jess have been having the same troubles with DOUUL that I've had with CG, my "serious" series, in terms of problems with writing and worrying about the plot running out of steam, and the "more more now" thing that actually had me ranting onlist at one point. And it looks like they've worried and scratched and clawed and torn their hair out over it just as much as I've done with CG.

The thing that struck me most was the "That's great, now you'll have more time for writing DOOUL" line (which I think was in regards to Many Loves) that so irked Jessica. We may be on oppposite ends of the spectrum there, but I've had the same reaction to comments about Domestic Piranha. "That was fun, now when's the next CG chapter coming out?" The implication that I (or James and I) don't put as much thought into DP because it's comic, and the reader wants more of our "deep" solo series... Makes me grrr. Nice to know one is loved, hate to hear the other is considered frivolous.

(Granted I can't speak for James -- I do know the comment "Wow, look how complex our little no-thought, free association series has become" crops up every now and then. I never remember to ask if that's a bad thing or a good thing!)

I love CG as much as... well, more than most people, probably, when I don't hate it. But there are days when I love DP more because I get to explore schmoop, without, I hope, being sickening. Get to be clever. Get to have fun . Get to write about an already-established relationship without feeling too guilty for not having worked them through the mental turmoil of getting together, because there's plenty of daily mental turmoil for everyone, in RL. Even DP RL. And if you write it well, that daily stuff can be entertaining. I care about those characters just as much as the CG cast, even though the DP versions live in a silly world, and it irks me to think that some people don't love it as much as I do.

I realise that's a highly silly and self-centered view!

For those who came in halfway through, the point of this entry is: Amy laughs at herself, because the mainstays of A/S fic, in my general universe, are as worried about A/S being plausible anymore, as I'm worried about X/S being valued as more than child's play.

[Amy] <---- Point and laugh.

You're talkin' crazy-talk


2001-11-01 05:14 pm (UTC) (Link)

Man, that's B(tV)S. I enjoy all of your work. Although, to be perfectly honest, I actually prefer fluffy, humorous smut to darkfic after a long, hard day of work. It takes the edge off and all that rot (yep, I've been overidentifying with Spike in fic-form lately). I would read anything written by your or James, I think you're both superior writers to anyone else in the styles you write. That's not to say that you're better than every other fic-writer... Actually, it is... No, there are other writers I worship. Donna and Jess are okay. Te is fantastic. Pet rocks. Ooh, "Libra" by Benaresq was good, and that's saying a lot considering I'm not so fond of first person or multi POV fiction. MCD is lubberly (yes, when I use her initials, I think of Miller beer [swill] automatically). Ooh, and Lar! And Alexandria Brown is very fabü, too. I think all of you are pretty much in the same category, which I'm pretty sure is the category of fic writers who can actually write. I know I'm leaving some people out. You can kick me later.

All I'm saying is keep writing. Period. . <== And if both Xander and Spike 'fess up their true lovey glurble feelings in CG and have hot makeup sex, all the better.

That is all. Thank you for your patronage.


2001-11-01 05:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

LOL. Sound like what it comes down to is all god's chillun have neuroses about their writing. ;-)

Well, you know my opinion on CG...


2001-11-04 06:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

I am probably one of the ones that goes on and on and on about the series, since I've read it so many times. It never fails to grab me, suck me in, and itch to find out what happens next in their world. I'm patient, though, and I wait because sooner or later you'll send a masterpiece that is the next chapter. (And if I get impatient, I re-read again, and send you lots of feedback on the already posted stuff to make you feel guilty. Bad me. *eg*)

I do like the DP fluff-and-fold, though I like the Getting Bent series better. Probably that's because I, like many others, like the finding of love, rather than adventures in an already established relationship.