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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
January 14th, 2002 
07:19 am - Just...Cute.
Francine - harvest

Cute, esp. given the recent Smallville fen references to the original Niven article. And short.

It's Buffy/Xander, which normally I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole (a, hetfic, b, not Spike, c, much fic in pairing suffers from "Xander is suave, handsome, and deeply understanding" syndrome in my limited reading) but this is a reasonably Xandery Xander. The point's not the relationship itself, which is written into the scene rather sketchily in terms of how they got together, but the specific problem it causes because of who they are. Riley, after all, was supercharged on drugs for much of their time togethr, and was a huge, extremely fit military man, anyway.

Xander is...not.

M. Scott Eiland -- Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex

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